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  1. LOL- Good eye- Not a gamer or programmer.... But i do like to play GI Joe.... HA HA-
  2. I used thread locker (the blue type) to hold the wire lugs and screws in. So far So good....
  3. Here are my two daily accesories right now. 292K from the H factory and outfitted with a deployment rubber strap-
  4. Does anyone know where to get a PVD Submarine logo Buckle?
  5. Good advice. Thanks for everyones input. I might change my mind once its back but who knows.....Have an issue on hand and I might have to liqudate some items thats why I posted this.
  6. To get a 1680 Red Sub at the time I started to compile my parts, they were going for like 8-9K on the bay. Now they are like 7K-7500. I had a 1680 Rolex case and dial lined up to begin with and the seller flaked leaving me no choice but to use an aftermarket one. I just got caught up on the project.
  7. It was not just a service, it was outfitted with new barrel, arbor, canon pinion, hour wheel, regulated, adjusted, dynamic poised, etc. I guess a few parts were slightly bent or warped. Bummer, I know....
  8. You are right Kb, I didn't want to list it without photos and wanted to gain traction first. But thanks for your input.
  9. Yup, that's the bracelet! That movement was I bad shape when I got it, the worst part is the guy that sold it to me said it ran well......I had the movement 6 months before sending to be put together and was too late to get a refund!
  10. No problem Cats- Breakdown: Yuki Case with custom Serial # -$600.00 (or $550, I cant remember) Dial with Hand set- $250.00 Gen tropic 127 watch crystal- $275.00 Gen Crown/Tube- $300.00 Gen Bracelet with 580 Endlinks- $400.00 Gen 1570 movt- $1500.00(I got took on this one due to the condition) Service/build/rebuild(Movt) $1,000 Thats roughly $4,325 in parts and labor-Not to mention the time it took to gather the parts etc. Have a great day and I will post the pics as soon as I get her back!
  11. Will do- Should be here by the end of the week......
  12. I might have to sell my prized piece. It is a Franken 1680 Red Sub. Here is the breakdown: 1570 Gen Movt that was just rebuilt (new barrel, arbor, canon pinion, hour wheel, regulated, adjusted, dynamic poised, etc) with all Gen Rolex parts by Rex. Gen Tube and Crown Gen Springbars and correct Gen Endlinks and Gen Band Case and Dial are Yuki with custom Serial # to match the Red dial. The watch in route back to me from Rex and Ill post pics when it gets here but wanted to know if anyone would be intrested in it.... I am close to $4,000 in parts and labor in this bad boy. Open to
  13. I need a Rolex 93150 band with 580 endlinks Gen or Rep Let me know if anyone has them. Thanks
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