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  1. I purchased a cheap $78 dollar Trusty special noobmariner from Andrew a while back. It has been working fine until recently. When i wear the watch the movement keeps stopping after a minute or so, as if it is getting caught on something. It will start running if i shake my wrist or tap the watch only to stop again.. If i take the watch off and lay it on a flat surface it runs fine, without stopping... until it is out of power of course. I already tried winding the watch to try to charge it, as I thought it was a power issue, but the fact that it will run when i set it on a table proves otherwise. Andrew already said he would send me a replacement with my next order so I'm covered there. I'm just curious what the cause of this could be and if it can be repaired. Seems like such a waste or a pretty nice watch ( for the price) to me.
  2. Thanks for the input fellas. Andrew said he would send me a new crystal. I'll probably try to get that re-coated.
  3. Hi all, I purchased a Breitling Super Ocean Heritage from Andrew a few months ago and recently have been noticing what appears to be scratches. It is not visible from certain angles, but when in contact with direct light it is pretty noticeable. The actual crystal does not appear to be scratched however. Is this the AR that is scratching off? I've been rather careful when wearing the watch-- not bumping it into anything, etc. What can I do about this? Thanks for your input.
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