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  1. WELCome... beFORe wE GO MUcH FUrtHER, TRy THis KEyBOarD mod...
  2. Have google at "Ollech and Wajs", "Marcello C", Steinhart, and Orient
  3. Actually I love Petaling Street (and KL in general). Not for the quality of the reps... just the off-beat vibe of the place. Going back in mid-April.
  4. I assume you ordered the Asian ETA movt? Been thinking of getting that one myself.
  5. Maybe these will help...
  6. The OP has the hands issue sussed. "...hands obtained..." Many people have mentioned this before, but really beats me how the rep makers get so many simple and obvious things wrong. OK. Forget the complicated stuff like SS cases, bezel teeth and crystals. What about cheap, easy stuff like the hands and bezel inserts????
  7. Um... Sorry to be picky, mate... but the bezel seems to sit quite high.
  8. Crown guards look better than a lot on many SMP Bonds. Pity about the crown. Also the minute hand is too short.... but none of the current reps are flawless.
  9. Yeah, you can get the 2599.80 Chrono as a quartz, but it's not very authentic. Particularly bad is the that quartz has the subdial@6 counting the seconds. Just wrong.
  10. Interesting. Odd. Looking at the pics of the rep you recently posted, it looks like the pearl on this version is smaller diameter.
  11. "what sort of watch does Michael Corleone wear?" He wears what he wants! Capisce? Any more questions?
  12. I know that you're not too concerned about these things... but yours had a better pearl out-of-the-box, right?
  13. The American dollar is "too big to fail". Foreign creditors would suffer horrendous losses if the US govt were to default or devalue its currency.
  14. The Aussie dollar has shrunk too... 0.9761 ---16 July 0.6521 ---16 Nov That's a 33% drop. If I bought a watch today, I'd be paying one-and-a-half times what I paid four months ago! Think I'll wait a while...
  15. True. However, I'm glad it doesn't come with the sad little pearl shown on the dealers site...