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  1. i dont doubt these cost them less than $20 to make... all their wall clocks are rip offs. all cost sub-$20 and they are just selling us a $10 clock with Panerai written on it.
  2. thought i was gonna get a steal on an intl ebay site... thing is the guy had good feedback with other gen watches... oh well... thank you guys. someone is gonna get ripped off - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=330341248734
  3. pardon my pam naivety, someone help me out... is this a gen or rep? I dont know much about the 217... so lets hear it. also, seller sells he only has the box and stamped registration card...
  4. didn't need you to tell me im nuts, im on enough meds to know that anyway, leaving a family party just to login is a bit sad, unless of course your family is boring as shiz
  5. amazingly well done. look @ the steal this lucky guy got on a gen... http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=50857 and you know what... yours stacks up pretty damn good to that gen.
  6. not worth it... its a different place lately. there was a HUGE crackdown a few years back. you'll still find some rep handbags but most are of really low quality. watches are more scarce. the ones in the shops are usually crap, like really crap. there are a few street dealers that have cartel quality stuff. just know your prices and you can haggle them down to something decent... if you even find them as theyre not always around. one main guy at the intersection of canal and lafayette. I dont even bother anymore. honestly, if you're not already on your way down there for some dim sum, then don't waste your time.
  7. for the price and overall quality, I'd probably go with the 177, very nice versatile watch. BOL with your purchase!
  8. i hate the fact that this banana breitling is growing on me...
  9. the newer version is pretty good. the old V2 is more of a silver dial
  10. so this is where all the RGers come when the site is down... weird... hasnt been down in a while now... i was so used to weekly downtime..
  11. added all but Chase-Durer since the link to the catalog is dead. also, will add Breitling, as soon as I can confirm that they answer the email...
  12. i dont see why they wouldnt want to send out catalogs. its free publicity for them to get their brand shown as much as possible. also, for all they know, there was a watch club meeting and everyone was talking about brand X. Bell & Ross added... i figured all rep forum members would like this info. took about a while to compile, verify sites, email addresses, etc. and post the threads. why not share it? also, if for whatever reason, you don't get anything, just resubmit a week later and use Dr. as your title. It really works...
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