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  1. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

  2. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Ah good call about the colours. In retrospect the yellow wasn't the best choice
  3. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    I can't draw, but here I was just playing with style and colour. Not happy with the face of this one but it gets the idea across
  4. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    By all means you don't have to like tattoos.. However, you should really consider how rude your comment to TeeJay was. If you don't like it and feel like sharing that with everyone - you could simply say: "It's not for me" Gets your point across with out sounding like a pr!ck.
  5. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Haha ya the image didn't show up when I was viewing via tapatalk When I went back on my comp just now it was there - I felt silly TeeJay you are a wiser man then I If at some point you have the time I'd love to see some of the work you have done. I should mention while this tattoo is a newer creation in my mind - I've had another on I'd like to get done that I've wanted for about 6 years now. For some reason I'm still not ready to get it tattooed. I know I want it, but I'd rather get the idea I spoke about in the earlier posts as a first tattoo. (almost like a tester tattoo) The tattoo I've wanted for a long time.. Well I really have a connection to it and id haaaaaate for it to be messed up at all. Silly I know. The original tattoo idea I had that I'd like to get one day is: the yellow river dragons gate story. Long story short the idea is that if a koi can, through determination and hard work, swim up stream to dragons gate, at the top of the river it can be transformed into a dragon. (very hard to do and only a handful succeed) Essentially it would be a koi fish near the ankle, a dragon near the knee and 7 lines like rapids between the two ( and then make it all look like a river the koi was trying to swim up). The 7 rapids are the 7 virtues - the idea is that, if I can live each day with the 7 virtues in mind and action - maybe through my hard work I'll become a dragon among men.
  6. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    If I was talented I'd try and draw that for you haha. But if you made the buttons like brush strokes that would be in line with the Asian theme of ur current tattoos That's a super nice gesture to ur mate. Personal I love my best friend to death - but I'm still not at the point where I'd get a representative tattoo of them Who knows though - I hear tattoos are addictive !
  7. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Definitely understand what you're saying I think I'll have to tone down quite a bit given the size restrictions of my leg haha. As far as the images being a band - I really mean it as 4 separate images on the leg. So like the elephant on the outside, then an eye in the front, lion on the inside, eye on the back. So a band in that aspect, but they would be stand alone images. Is that kind of what you were talking about?
  8. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Thx guys I think what I'll do is talk to an artist and see if I can get a traditional lion (like the first one, wrestling with the Enso like in the second pic) I've four a way to better verbalized the meaning behind the tattoo. --------- The elephant balancing on the enso, shows it's mastery over the path and the thus the mind. It would be places on the outside of the leg and the Buddha lion would be placed on the inside of the leg. It shows that while on the outside I might appear to have everything in order (like the enlightened elephant), on the inside I'm still constantly wrestling with my mind/path, there will always be that internal struggle (the Buddha lion wrestling with the Enso). The all seeing eyes facing behind are a reminder to learn from past experiences - remember the lessons we are taught and carry them with me on my journey. The eyes facing forward, look to the future. They remind us that our actions have consequences, both good and bad. Look within and be mindful of those consequences before you take a step down that path / in that direction.
  9. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    I was thinking something like this wrapped around my leg (the lion and elephant on the sides and the eyes on the front and back)
  10. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Sorry Internet is playing up - but here is the first idea: Here is the second:
  11. seventhexile

    Help with a tattoo idea! :)

    Hi all I've been working on a little leg band and one of the parts of the band will be a Buddha Lion. So far I've found two types of lion I like. Both pics are just to get the idea across and are not what the actual tattoo would look like as they are not my drawings - I just photoshopped them a little and added the Enso (that little Zen brush stroke). The first is the more traditional (often called a foo-dog in the west). I like the look of it - regal and the poster is that of a protector and guardian. IE, this Buddha Lion is protecting my path of understanding and progress. The second is a more modern interpretation of a Buddha Lion. I like the lion look to it (the face looks more lion to me then the more traditional interpretation). I'm a little mixed on what I did with the Enso in this pic. The Buddha Lion is holding it in his mouth. But this might be taken as the Lion attacking the Enso.. So again I'm a little mixed on it. What are your thoughts on the images? Maybe I could some how combine the positives of both.. Anyways, sadly I'm not the most creative person (more technical then anything else). So please give me your thoughts
  12. seventhexile

    Is this a good motorcycle deal?

    Thank you so much - I totally spaced on insurance differences! I just assumed in my head any "sporty looking bike" would be the same for insurance! Hm makes sense that the gsxr was dropped - that would definitely explain the all black paint (I've been reading on some forums thats the fastest way to cover up damage.
  13. seventhexile

    Is this a good motorcycle deal?

    Thank you so much for the info. I currently don't ride.. So I'm looking for my first bike. I've ridden for fun in the past and ridden dirt-bikes when i was younger - but it was quite a while ago. (I got a pic of the GSXR)
  14. seventhexile

    Is this a good motorcycle deal?

    I am completely ignorant when it comes to what is / isn't a good deal for motorcycles. Their prices on craigslist vary drastically (as do the people selling them haha). Anyways, I've been talking to a lady who is selling her 2005 yzf 600 for $3,000 I'm also talking to a guy who has a 2000 gsx-r600 for $2200 Both are in great condition (apparently) - I'm not a mechanic nor do I know about bike maintenance But they both have paperwork from their shops showing the latest service / inspections passed. I don't have a pic of the gsxr on my cell, but here is a pic of the yzf: You can't see it, but there is a dent on the exhaust, just ascetic damage. ----- Apparently there isn't a 'private sale' option in Kelly blue book - so I'm not sure how to figure out what good prices are on bikes 0_o What do you guys think about the 2 I listed above? I'm going to go check out the yzf this sun - what should I be looking/listening for?
  15. seventhexile

    Which wood inlay?

    Hahaha now that you said that - I can't look at the teak band the same way