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  1. Hi guys I know a lot of you are not keen on 'diamond' encrusted watches, but i like some of them. I have seen on Trusty Times website, this one http://www.trustytime.club/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=39_199&products_id=18721 MY question is - I don't like the round diamonds on the bezel and on the band. I just like the baguette (rectangular) stones on the face, bezel and in-between links on the strap. Do you think it would be possible to have it modified at the factory? Do they do custom? I know if i buy replica bags/shoes etc, the factory can sometimes amend to make it how i like, custom almost. I assume they would be able to swap it out for a plain face and also the strap, as the plain strap does exist, as does the face, on other Nautilus series. Usually when i ask Andrew at Trusty Time, he isn't the most helpful and just says 'look at the website' when I ask particular questions. He may not be the only one that keeps this watch and other suppliers might have it, but I thought i would ask the experts since i am new to this. Thanks Kevin
  2. It’s not baguette (rectangular) ‘diamonds’ though, pave set round stones.
  3. Hi guys does anyone know if any makes a Patek Nautilus with the baguette diamond bezel? I’ve seen the gen all over Instagram but would love a good quality rep of it. Thanks
  4. Hi guys My rubber strap for the Hublot Black Caviar snapped when on holiday. Who is best to get a replacement strap from, in your opinion? And can you get a good quality lizard/croc/stingray for this Hublot? Thanks!!
  5. Hi guys Has anyone seen a rep of the J12 Chromatic ie the silver one? Its difficult to establish from a photo how they look, if they look the same as the original, which is very shiny. In some photos, the rep looks a lot more dull......... Thanks
  6. Thanks for all the info, I think its safe to say I will be fine with the Miyota
  7. Thanks Sogeha, you are a star!!! Lawrence also said the watch is availablle with an ETA 2824 and 2892 - so I am assuming these movements would be able to be switched out for the Miyota at a later date as i assume the stem height is still the same? Or would it be a different sized watch he would be using to house these movements? As i said, this is all new to me so just thought I would check before taking the plunge........... Has anyone seen the rep J12 Chromatic (the silver one) in real life and how does it compare to the original? Thanks
  8. Hi guys May be a simple question to answer, but I am thinking about buying a chanel J12 from Lawrence with a Miyota movement. First, how reliable are these? Will it actually last longer than a year or so? Ans if I wanted to get the watch changed out to an automatic movement, can that be done easily or am I best splashiong out on a brand new watch? Thanks
  9. Hi guys Does anyone know of a watch repairer in glasgow that would fix my replica Hublot Caviar? The ceramic crown has come off, leaving the metal underneath. I have lost that but trusty time have sent me the full crown mechanism with stalk etc, rather than just the ceramic cap for the crown. And also, the watch doesnt seem to align properly with the hour hand. Its maybe hard to explain, but whenever i have the watch set to 12, the hour hand is not directly on the 12, but about 1/3 of the way between 12 and 1, if you understand, so sometimes its actually hard to read the time sometimes and know what the hour is. Thanks in advance Kevin
  10. love!!!! the watch. im assuming its a rep? where from?
  11. can iask, the two watches with the metal/rubber strap and the gold metal strap, where are the watches from?? Thanks
  12. Hi guys wondering if you could help = i bought this rose gold daydate from watcheden.com about 3 months ago, and all of a sudden it has stopped working. http://www.watcheden.com/rolex-day-date-ii-asia-eta-3156-movement-full-rose-gold-diamond-markers-with-champagne-dial-i-45150-p-1.html its an Asian ETA 3156. when i first got it, a coupke of days after, i tried adjusted the day wheel and the wheel would get stuck i.e. it wouldnt display the full day name in the window, it would be off synch, if you get me. then yesterday after taking it off overnight, it had stopped working. i tried shaking it as this usually re-activates it (i keep it in a watch winder when not wearing it) and it did nothing. so i unscrewed the crown to adjust the date, and it wouldnt even move the hands. any ideas?? i have emailed watcheden to tell them but still waiting on a response Thanks in advance kevin
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