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    Watch service in EU ?

    Thanks for your help !
  2. Hi there ! Long time I have not post on the forum ! Hope everybody is ok Im actually wearing an Omega blue Seamaster with 2824-2 ETA movement. Since 1 year the watch loose time (about 3min/day) and it come to be very uncomfortable. Im looking for a trusty person who can service my watch in EU. I bougth this piece 6 years ago and its still my favorite watch of all time. Thanks for your help ! Cheers, J.Bd
  3. JBond

    Watch service in EU ?

    Nobody ? =(
  4. Hi everybody !!!! I just bought a watch and a box set from Andrew. The watch was sent via EMS and arrived in 6 days to my house. But what's happen to airmail ???? The box set was sent via Airmail since 3 weeks and the statuts hasn't changed since the 2010/12/11. I wants to know if you guys have some problems with airmail. Thanks a lot !!!! J.Bd
  5. JBond

    What's wrong with Airmail ?

    Mmmmmmmmmm in my memory EMS means Express Mail System so YES it's faster.
  6. JBond

    What's wrong with Airmail ?

    Thanks guys. Now my package has just disapear !!! I can't check my tracking number anymore.... So sad.
  7. Hi guys, I just want to know if it's possible to upgrade my membership just for one month. Thanks J.Bd
  8. JBond

    membership lapsed?

    I payed yesterday to be upgrade and I'm always waiting !!!!!
  9. Why my membership was not changed ? I've payed last saturday !
  10. But this is an monthly payment so I have to payed every months 3,00$ ? Thanks ! J.Bd
  11. JBond

    Franken Vintage Seamaster 300 (165.024)

    Wow very nice project !
  12. JBond

    Blatent rep Seamaster on the 'Bay

    Look at the bracelet, this watch is a piece of sh*t. Maybe a 10$ rep !
  13. JBond

    An "Ultimate" 42mm Planet Ocean

    Very nice !
  14. JBond

    My Franken UPO

    You did it by your self ? Very good stuff.
  15. JBond

    My Franken UPO

    Really nice watch !!!! Wear it well
  16. JBond

    Wierd Seamaster on the bay

    You've got this point !
  17. JBond

    Wierd Seamaster on the bay

    The HE valve is at a correct position. Look gen for me.
  18. JBond

    Omega pictogram card

    This is your vision not mine.... I like to get everything right with my watch (good box, good paper, etc...). I'm sure many member can be interesting by this kind of product.
  19. JBond

    Omega pictogram card

    HI guys, Just found this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ORIGINAL-OMEGA-PICTOGRAM-CARD-2255-80-00-CALIBRE-1120-/190432784725?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0 This is a gen Omega pictogram card for Seamaster 2255.80.00, for the price (9,95$) that can be cool ! J.Bd
  20. JBond

    SMP Bond dial: gen vs. rep

    How much did you paid for the gen dial ? It cost 198$ on ofrei ==> http://www.ofrei.com/page1105.html So sad your's is for a quartz
  21. JBond

    Where to get the Best Planet Ocean?

    If you are EU base, try precious Time. This guy is the best in EU.
  22. Great news ! This watch is awesome.
  23. JBond

    A very special watch !

    Hello guys have you ever see this Omega before ? So strange and funny ! But look gen ! http://cgi.ebay.fr/MONTRE-OMEGA-ANNES-50-EROTIC-EROTIQUE-PER-HOMME-/180542025301?cmd=ViewItem&pt=FR_YO_BijouxMontres_Montres&hash=item2a0924ae55