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  1. So check this out:http://www.p-bgs.com/jewelry/necklace-pendant/van-cleef-arpels.html Joshua is operating this website.
  2. I'm talking about jewelry not watches ?
  3. Try to contact Joshua from pf-818.com
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for premium quality Van Cleef & Arpel replica products. They are very hard to find. I know that Joshua is selling some stuff on his second web site (p-bgs.com). But how is the quality? Anybody have experienced replica jewelry before? Thanks Regards. J.Bd
  5. Thanks a lot guys for your help! I'll deal with SSTEEL
  6. Hi there, Sorry to posting this but I really really need help. I tried to contact a lot of people to service my Omega 2824-2 My watch was serviced 5 years ago by Rolexman but since he stopped his activity it's seems really hard to find someone in EU. So, any of you have a contact to help me with my Seamaster? I'm in France. Thanks a lot guys! Cheers, J
  7. I have a Keepall 55 in Damier Graphite since years. It's a great weekend bag.
  8. I've checked the AP website and the quartz movement in the 15000 is the caliber 2713 which have EXACTLY the same specs than the ETA F04.111. The ETA movement cost about $13... What a joke.
  9. The Ronda in the AP seems to be a Powertech 500. It's a really basic one but it seems very good! http://www.ronda.ch/en/quartz-movements/quartz-essentials/ronda-powertech-500/
  10. Yes you are right. But I mean, if it's a Swiss movement it will be still more reliable that a Chinese quartz movement. A quartz is really easy to service (clean and change the battery). But you are right. It's necessary to take care of our watch. I have 2824-2 since 10 years. I serviced it with Rolexman 5 years ago. Now, Im looking for someone who will service it again! If you have any ideas! Thanks
  11. Thanks for all your advices. So, between this 2, what do you think? http://www.pf-818.com/watches/audemars-piguet/royal-oak-ladies/apld01001-royal-oak-ladies-ss-ss-white-s-qtz.html http://www.pf-818.com/watches/audemars-piguet/royal-oak-ladies/apld00051-royal-oak-automatic-ladies-34-5mm-ss-ss-swiss-quartz.html I'm trying to know if the only difference is the movement but Joshua only said "ETA is better". Thanks guys! Cheers, J
  12. Yeah, thanks guy. I know cheap quartz can work forever this is why I'm wondering if it's really necessary to pay $100 more. Im pretty sure that Ronda is great in term of durability and precision... And if it's Swiss, it will work forever!
  13. I really don't know. I don't have more specs about the movement. The 1st one is ETA, the 2nd one is Swiss Ronde.
  14. Hi guys, I would like to buy an AP RO quartz for my wife. I was wondering, what's the difference between Swiss Ronde quartz and ETA quartz? If both movements are Swiss, why the ETA cost $100 more? Thanks for your help cheers, J
  15. Guys, just a question, where can I find the V7? TT only have the V6...
  16. Hi guys, First of all, I would like to wish you happy new year to you and your love ones. I totally felt in love with the Tissot Powermatic 80 Open Heart. So, I'm really considering to buy it very soon. I know that Tissot is a really well know brand but I saw many bad reviews online (I'm surprised) regarding reliability and customer service. The watch's value is €700. Have you ever experienced this brand? Let me know guys! Thanks! Cheers, J
  17. Thanks a lot guys for all you advises. I'm really aware about a7750's problems and that why I will looking for something simple. I will never understand why AP a7750 are so expensive because this movement is not so great. I'm not a big fan of the V7 Diver because it's a really huge watch and I'm a classical person (personal tastes...). I'm looking for something to wear as a casual gentlemen. Thanks You have AP for sales right now? I will probably buy my next watch to Andrew if he is still the best guy out there...!
  18. I would like a leather bracelet ?
  19. I really like the 15400 rose gold. On TT the movement is a Miyota 9015. I know that Miyota is great. This one is ok?
  20. Hi there! I hope everybody is fine, and I hope you'll enjoy Xmas with your family. The only rep I have is a Omega SMP 300 Pro I bought 10 years ago and it's still a very nice and reliable watch... I worn it every day of my life and in every situation. But, this is off topic. So, I would like to buy a good Royal Oak but I'm a newbie regarding these. I've checked Trusty Time but watches are really expensive (most are $500+). Here is the question, witch AP is the best in term of quality, accuracy and reliability for a budget of $350? Please help me guys! I would like to join your AP family Thanks for reading. Cheers, J
  21. Hi ! I would like to buy some jewels for my lady. But Im like you, Im very afraid about the oxidation. May I have your advice ? Thanks. Cheers, J.Bd
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