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  1. 2 hours ago, Propofol said:

    Hard to find, quality is 90% bad. Like Canada goose stuff, never found any decent one who does not scream fake.

    There used to be some serious guys over iOffer but now they're gone. 

    Tiffany & Co stuff exits in A quality, but not A+, and never heard about VC&A A+ stuff

    If you have a link, Im a taker

    So check this out:http://www.p-bgs.com/jewelry/necklace-pendant/van-cleef-arpels.html


    Joshua is operating this website.

  2. Hi there,


    I'm looking for premium quality Van Cleef & Arpel replica products.


    They are very hard to find.


    I know that Joshua is selling some stuff on his second web site (p-bgs.com). But how is the quality?


    Anybody have experienced replica jewelry before?


    Thanks :)





  3. Hi there,

    Sorry to posting this but I really really need help.

    I tried to contact a lot of people to service my Omega 2824-2

    My watch was serviced 5 years ago by Rolexman but since he stopped his activity it's seems really hard to find someone in EU.

    So, any of you have a contact to help me with my Seamaster?

    I'm in France.

    Thanks a lot guys!







  4. 3 hours ago, Legend said:

    Not true. 

    A well maintained swiss movement can last for a long long time, but just buying a "swiss" movement and expecting it to run flawlessly till the end of time without any maintenance is unrealistic. I have had ETA2824, the workhorse of swiss movements, fail on me due to poor maintenance. For quartz movements, I guess the extent of service would cover a change of battery every 2-3 years and an inspection for corrosion. But not totally maintenance free, and definitely not immune to failures.

    I do agree with the guys though. Get the Rhonda movement. It has good reliability and excellent for daily and continuous wear.


    Yes you are right. But I mean, if it's a Swiss movement it will be still more reliable that a Chinese quartz movement. A quartz is really easy to service (clean and change the battery). But you are right. It's necessary to take care of our watch.

    I have 2824-2 since 10 years. I serviced it with Rolexman 5 years ago. Now, Im looking for someone who will service it again! 

    If you have any ideas! Thanks :)


  5. Hi guys, 


    First of all, I would like to wish you happy new year to you and your love ones.

    I totally felt in love with the Tissot Powermatic 80 Open Heart. So, I'm really considering to buy it very soon.

    I know that Tissot is a really well know brand but I saw many bad reviews online (I'm surprised) regarding reliability and customer service.

    The watch's value is €700. 

    Have you ever experienced this brand? 

    Let me know guys!







  6. Thanks a lot guys for all you advises.

    I'm really aware about a7750's problems and that why I will looking for something simple.

    I will never understand why AP a7750 are so expensive because this movement is not so great.

    I'm not a big fan of the V7 Diver because it's a really huge watch and I'm a classical person (personal tastes...).

    I'm looking for something to wear as a casual gentlemen.

    Thanks :)


    18 hours ago, eshow3907 said:

    Go big, try to find a Noob ROO on sale. I personally love the silver Thames, but they have been sold out a bit. You should still be able to follow me a few 2014 editions on sale.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    You have AP for sales right now?

    I will probably buy my next watch to Andrew if he is still the best guy out there...!

  7. Hi there!


    I hope everybody is fine, and I hope you'll enjoy Xmas with your family.

    The only rep I have is a Omega SMP 300 Pro I bought 10 years ago and it's still a very nice and reliable watch... I worn it every day of my life and in every situation.

    But, this is off topic.

    So, I would like to buy a good Royal Oak but I'm a newbie regarding these.

    I've checked Trusty Time but watches are really expensive (most are $500+).

    Here is the question, witch AP is the best in term of quality, accuracy and reliability for a budget of $350?


    Please help me guys! I would like to join your AP family :)

    Thanks for reading.






  8. Hi man, i'm stronglt looking for some web-site where but cartier or bulgari jewelry rep.


    I found some site by google reserch, they seem cool and the pics are really nice, but no others warranties. I tried to order a cartier love ring and i'm waiting for its, when it came i'll tell you how quality is.


    In the meantime, someone have informations about a good dealer of these product, also for plating quality ecc....


    Thanks in advance for who give me "good" news.



    Hi !


    I would like to buy some jewels for my lady. But Im like you, Im very afraid about the oxidation. May I have your advice ?







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