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  1. aapxp

    IWC Fans HELP! Opinions needed

    Looking forward to The review.. Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
  2. aapxp

    2x Flieger, Mark XV and Mark XVI on bracelet

    Nice if you sell one contact me :-)
  3. aapxp

    Mini Fiddy.

    Looks Great!
  4. aapxp

    Updated 243 noob

    There is an update on puretimewatch. Any thoughts......?
  5. aapxp

    243 dive

    I wonder if the watch holds up..
  6. aapxp

    243 dive

    Has anyone already dived with the watch?
  7. aapxp

    IWC Mark XVI Replica Review, 3255

    anybody knows if the dealers will have an update soon?
  8. aapxp

    New 3714-01

    Thanks everybody!
  9. aapxp

    New 3714-01

    It is just a bad pic, bezel is perfect!
  10. aapxp

    New 3714-01

    Ok Guys, i am fooling around! It is a gen 3714! Bought it yesterday.....Will take better pics asap!
  11. aapxp

    New 3714-01

    And, do you think it comes close enough to a gen?
  12. Time flies when you are having fun!

  13. aapxp

    2 new beauties:

    Hi there, There have been some mutations in my watchbox, i thought i share with you! Bought a beautiful DSN 009 from a fellowmember, love the pvd and basis dial! I already owned a 082 (version 3) and i wanted to have it relumed by vaclume. Lucky me, a fellow member (TK471) sold his vaclumed 082 against a fair price! Dealing with TK471 was great, nice guy and smooth trading! The relumejob on the 082 by vaclume is amazing, what a difference a dial makes The watch made by DSN is already great, but as a freak i appreciate the extra "lumepower" Pics: The 009 on a Bob Vintage strap: The vaclumed 082 on the MP4: http://replica-watch.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30701 The vaclumed 082 lume shot: Lumeshot of both:
  14. I am exited that these are coming to the rep world (Silix). I hope this beauty can be repped, would be a stunner! Agnus are you listening, make this the next "superrep" !!!! http://www.anonimo.com/models_gallery/g_TP_racing.html Another beauty : Dino Zei Nemo http://www.anonimo.com/models_gallery/g_nemo.html I hope more "pam" lovers can appreciate this Italian (swiss) beauties!!!!
  15. aapxp

    Test: IWC Aquatimer Cousteau Divers Chronograph

    Very nice. Decided to wear my version tomorow