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  1. With the successes of the submersibles, 187 and the 243 ...whats the possibility of the factories putting out an "ultimate" 194? Any rumors out there?
  2. Hopefully the rest of the NEW 187 owners will fare as well as you. As for mine...it is off to The Zigmeister to be serviced and relumed.
  3. Still glows as when it did before it went gray.
  4. Hi Guys Just wanted to share a photo taken today approximately one week or so ago from my first picture post dated 8/15. Definitely has gotten worse. Anyone else start to experience this? Waiting to hear back from the dealer.
  5. Perry any resolution yet? Are they exchanging the watch, replacing the dial, reluming? I have not heard from my dealer yet...although mine is definitely not as bad as yours. And I totally agree with you, the issue has to be heat and/or UV coupled with the amount of time the watch is exposed to it. I am very curious to see if others are going to experience this also.
  6. No moisture...had mine pressure checked. Passed with flying colors. Like I said, mine is not as bad as perrys...but something is definately going on. Hard to capture. But take notice of the difference in color between the hands and markers, as well as the discoloration of the edges of the markers. The yellow used to be so much brighter and crisp.
  7. Ok, I am going to try to catch up on all of the questions. The watch pictured is one of the first ones shipped, so it is over a month old. (screen name is "perry" on geek...maybe some of you guys know him.) I dont know who he purchased it from, but he did contact the dealer and since then has packed it up and sent it back. Mine is also slightly over a month old and perfect when it arrived from King Watch. Hands and markers matched...same yellowish color. Normal everyday wear, mild climate. I contacted her already and she is willing to correct it somehow. Stay tuned, I am going to try
  8. This pic is not mine...its the guys from geek. I will try to take pics of mine tomorrow, but not sure if I can capture it. Like I said previously, mine is just starting to turn. Not this bad...yet.
  9. Read on geek that someone's new 187 hour markers turned gray. After reading it, I looked at mine a bit closer...my markers dont match the hands anymore. Under a loupe, I can see that the edges of the hour markers are turning gray. And the 2 o clock position has a dimple or something in it. Mine is a little over a month old, wore it everyday since its arrival. I love it. Dont know if I want to go through the process of returning it to the dealer, or just send it out for a lume job. (Downside of return...it could happen again. Downside of the lume job...my expense) Wondering if we are
  10. Same as me. I guess you were quicker on the trigger. Hope mine looks as good as yours. Getting impatient...c'mon Connie.
  11. That looks awesome. Congrats. The finishing is perfect. WOW. What vendor did you buy it from?
  12. PrDubis, whats your thoughts on this one? Pros and cons compared to our modded swiss 7753's? Crown is fatter, case and bezel looks better than ours IMO. Transplant possible??
  13. Wow...both watches are awesome. PrDubis, yours is a dead ringer for a gen. Perfect to-date-patina. Honestly I wouldnt think twice. Great job. And that Hopno case is something. Hopefully the new one will bring the best of both worlds together. Lets cross our fingers In the meantime, heres another one from the collection. Yes I have a thing for complications.
  14. Thanks all for chiming in...appreciate all the input and compliments. PrDubis please share some pics of yours Any insight into when the NEW asian 7753 version of the 187 will come out?? I was told christmas 2010, new years 2011, after the Chinese New Year...and like I said originally, I gave up. Although I am really looking forward to it.
  15. Yes very good eyes... I forgot to mention these lug bars...my biggest pet peeve of this watch. Screw tips at both ends... arrgh. Makes changing straps, in a few words "not so easy" Trying to modify lug spring bars to work and look right. But since the case holes are essentially the same size diameter (left and right) and the spring bar ends are not are not...its not an easy fix.
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