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  1. I have an approximately a 15 year old MBW 16610 and I could use a couple extra links or a replacement bracelet for. These bracelets are solid mid link and not hollow like the current 93250 bracelets. I know solid mid links are incorrect but I like the bracelet that came on the watch. Any help would sure be appreciated. Kind Regards 700
  2. I have learned a great deal from Randy. He is a good man! Best Wishes 700
  3. Ahhh, my favorite watch in the entire world, an MBW 16610. Wear it well my friend. Enjoy 700
  4. Give this thread a read before you buy. There are many others if you know how to search. http://forums.watchuseek.com/showthread.ph...ighlight=tissot
  5. The blue dial Seastar 1000 has a bad reputation of the blue bezel paint flacking off. The Silver dial version does not suffer this problem. Tissot customer service is horrible, if you can get it repaired in under 3 months you would be lucky and in some cases they will charge you up to $90 for a replacement bezel. The Seastar 1000 is also known for flooding. It is a beautiful watch but it does have it's fair share of problems. I am sorry to inform you of this.
  6. Here is how I wear my OM, on a Watchadoo bracelet:
  7. Great watch! I love Monsters! Enjoy
  8. very easy to answer, MBW 16610, my favorite watch in the entire world!
  9. You have good taste my friend!
  10. Hey I am diggin this! Are these available for purchase? Thanks 700
  11. It looks GREAT! Fantastic Job. You will enjoy that watch forever.
  12. I don't know much about the font but I think the watch overall looks great!
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