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  1. Just some pics of my Omega Seamaster.

    C'est manifique James!!! J'aime bien... j'avais le GEN
  2. AP ROO deployant clasp

    many tks for your replies...guess I need to search for another solution... 2L
  3. hi there, does anybody know if a MBK Hornback strap (comes with the ENDLINKS and deployant clasp) is fitting on the reg. AP ROO secs@12? (I'm sure somebody here tried it already, couldn't find any info.) tks for your input 2L
  4. There is known that ONLY the clasp (SS-bracelet) of AP ROO secs@12 is quiet bad quality. Now my question: is it possible to change the usual deployant clasp into this one showed on the pic? (also a AP, but unfortunately not a ROO) tks for your input 2L
  5. AP ROO SS bracelet experts needed

    sorry guys... couldn't find the "delete" button... pressed twice to send it 2L
  6. AP ROO SS bracelet experts needed

    Do U recommend not to order it with a bracelet then? (I like the bracelet version most, but don't wanna be disappointed!) Is there a possibility to get a propper clasp somewhere, somehow? 2L
  7. AP ROO SS bracelet experts needed

    Many thanks M, hope I'll get also a good one... and that the clasp is easy to open/close, so I can wear it thight!
  8. Hi 2 everybody... I've been planning on geting the AP ROO secs@12 with SS bracelet. a lot of people are complaining about the quality of the bracelet... it sounds really crap at all now, if U have this watch with a SS bracelet, pls let me know what your opinion is about the bracelet. would be great to know it be4 I'll place an order.... regards 2L