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  1. Here is mine, an oldie but a goodie!, Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Get some straps that are 25mm, that will take care of your issue. Also, if it is a used strap you are using, well, it may have shrunk a little, or the leather is just a bit worn. Cheers!!
  3. Well, I guess it is my turn to chime in, and please don't hate me, I have a few Coronets myself, but I do like Pams as well. First of all, EMM is a gentleman, whom I've known through these forums for quite some time, and when this happened, I wasn't worry about it, yes, I must admit, I wanted to slap that awesome strap on the Pam, but hey, to my surprise, it was a great looking Submariner that I had just gotten. Without me even sending a PM to EMM, I already had two PM's, one from Mike, and one from EMM. I think what happened is, EMM, when he sold me the watch on RG, he replied "sold to the man on the bike". It just so happens that my avatar is me on a bike while doing a triathlon, and of course, the other watch was sold to someone whose forum name happens to be "Mike on a bike", see? It could've happened to anybody. We worked it out like the way things like this should be worked out, and everybody is happy. Nice community we have around here. Enjoy your watches y'all!!
  4. Looks great IMO, did you also get a tang buckle for it, or did you keep it on the deployant? Please let me know, and is the quality of the strap worth the price? Thanks a lot!!
  5. Pics please!! I am trying to decide between a white rubber or a white calf strap. Thanks a lot!!
  6. Just a quick word on this issue, I had a similar problem with mine, and I had to take the CB off, because it eventually stopped running. When I took it off, I noticed that one of the screws that holds the part under the rotor, had come lose, and I guess eventually, got jammed, but I was lucky that I found it on time, before any damage was done, and was able to replace the screw where it belonged. These things are put together so fast, that I don't think they care how tight the screws are, even the one on the movement. Hopefully this helps you guys, and it is not something else, but still, check and make sure that all screws are tight, before somethings breaks or gets lost. Great watch though!!
  7. If you don't mind me asking, where are you getting the white strap from? Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Experts please take a look, what do you guys think? Finally a nice green sub ceramic??? http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=142997
  9. Hard to tell, but I would imagine if Rolex can't get the two colors to hold up on ceramic, I doubt a $200 watch would. My bet would be that they are painted, but it looks great. I hope this helps!!
  10. Pics have been added. Take a look!!
  11. Yes, it is the numbers I was thinking of doing, but on second thought, they are not too bad and might just leave them alone, I will take pics soon, and let you guys critique it. Thanks for all the replies.
  12. Yes, I know it is a fantasy watch, but I wanted to take a look at one, so I got it. I was wondering, if anyone would recommend doing the bezel paint mod (numbers look a little thin). I am worried that, after I try removing the excess paint, the actual blue and red color would come off due to the strength of the nail polish remover. Any experts out there who might know what to do? Looking forward to your recommendations. Cheers!! Here are some dirty and quick phone pics, but my thoughts are, that this watch is definitely worth the price, very well made, solid, DW font seems the closest I have seen to gen, SELS have no gaps whatsoever, overall a very nice fantasy daily beater. The writing on the dial for GMT Master II seems a bit off, the spacing between the lines, but other than that, very nice. I recommend it. Enjoy!!
  13. Pbdad is awesome, he is very popular, and you can see some of his work on RG. He is in SoCal. Good luck!!
  14. Try Jackson Tse on RG, I have one on the way> Cheers!!
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