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  1. Got to agree with with docdoc on this one. If the price was $100 for a rep dial, then I reckon I'd hold fire and spend $200 on a gen dial.
  2. My wife has just phoned to let me know my Skyland has just turned up. It's a blue face with rubber strap. I just want to get home now. My view was also to get a leather deploment. Absolutely love the pics I've seen. Little does the wife know there's a ladies breitling in the same package. Least I hope there is!
  3. Hello All. Well after a day or two of googling I ended up here with a view to buying a couple of reps. Now the more I read, the more questions I have. All answered by using the search function I might add. Looks like the learning curve starts here. I'm absolutely gobsmacked at the amount of info available. Thanks RWG!
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