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  1. Mods please give us a hand by supplying us some info from him (I guess you have info when he got VIP)
  2. They shall have cellphone number and other info, right? I have his address name and bank details If we have also his PayPal account we can ask refund money for all three of us
  3. I thought it was headed to me... I sent him an IWC Ingenieur watch head + money (via Bank wire transfer... I am quite stupid on that but he said no to PayPal...), but I have his address. Until we do not clarify all the stuff I will not disclose any personal information, but if any modder is here to help, I have his complete name, IBAN of bank account and address in case is needed. Hopefully everything can be solved... @pane it seems we are all of three scammed
  4. Sure, if one nice day date pop out over this forum or others, I would love to get into it.
  5. I would love to get a DD over the forum, otherwise I will need to start a project about it!
  6. I'm also interested in a sterile submariner dial Thanks!
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