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  1. There are many versions - GF, BV, KOR - which one is the best?
  2. Unfortunately, even Toro does not have any stock. I hope they start making them again. Best Regards,
  3. Thanks StormTrooper4, will check him out.
  4. It says its a 250 but if you look at the dial it has numbers and not sticks. The 196 has numbers, the 250 had sticks. Also, the 250 has brushed metal finish, the 196 has polished metal finish.
  5. Unfortunately, that is a 196 not 250. Thanks for suggesting.
  6. Would you have link to their website?
  7. Greetings - I am looking to get a PAM250/236? The dealers suggest that this is no longer in production? Find it a bit odd. Can anyone help me source one? Best Regards, Prado
  8. Thank you all for your comments and support. @occb2 the pictures look great! and I also work with Andrew @ Trusty Time. Really great with Customer service. I think for the moment I am sold on the ARF126660. May consider a V2 for the ARF116660 with a better dial, and other issues resolved.
  9. Thank you for the awesome response @Drifterr . The pictures are worth a thousand words. When you say you have both you mean noob v7 DSSD and ARF 126660? The insert on the ARF looks really awesome. But I do like that blue-black dial of the DSSD. Argh.
  10. I am looking to get a 43mm Rolex. I have had a BP DSSD in the past. What I want to know: 1. I really like the blue / black dial in the DSSD. 2. I dislike the thick crystal on the DSSD without AR Coating - ( I know the gens have the same lensing effect when I saw one at an AD ). 3. I really like the flat crystal with the dome on the 126660. With what is out there with TD's now: Which would be a better bet - the ARF 116660 or the ARF 126660? Also if the ARF 116660 should not be considered ( I read the dial color is not accurate ) - then is the noob v7 or later the best bet? Thanks for your input. Best Regards,
  11. Thanks panermaniac - I saw that - it has missing hour markers..also its a V1 with sunken date window. The V2 with A7753 were perfect.
  12. Can anyone help me source a PAM 187? Josh says they don't make them anymore? It seemed like a great watch - why did they stop making them?
  13. Greetings - I have usually bought from TD Joshua, and he says the PAM 187 is no longer available. Is it completely sold out from all the TD's? Its supposed to be a PAM super rep, and if so why is it unavailable?
  14. Is BK the only one that sells the NOOB version? What version do TT or Joshua sell? Great review. Thanks.
  15. Well there is this: http://www.p-cls.com/iwig01012-ingenuier-automatic-ssle-black-asia-2813-p-8815.html Clearly it needs: Dial (closer to gen) or Gen Dial Hands or Gen Hands ETA / White Date Wheel Case back without window. Nylon or Rubber Strap Saphire Crystal Double AR The hardest part would be to source the dial or gen dial and hands. Then there is the question of if the case size match up and if the gen dial will fit. Thanks
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