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  1. lm4bp

    Rolex 1665 DRSD

    Dear all. good day. May I know anyone has experience on this DRSD from Andrew? http://www.trustywatchguy.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=5386:9d88e9aa99d54b0670212a9c897524ef&zenid=96aa4d7252f272e30fa432208d195997 He claims this is the best version. Is the dial okay like a vintage one, and is the bezel loose or tight please??
  2. Anyone know where I can get an accurate dial for my 1680 Red Sub please? The one I have now do not have good hourly marks. Or any watchman can modify them for me please?
  3. lm4bp

    Radiomir Wempe 42 mm Manual Wind

    Is this Panerai Wempe the PAM204 model? If so the chrono start button is different from the gen. The gen does not have the screw. Or is the one here a different model?
  4. lm4bp

    PAM 288 Case Back

    But this is strange. If the genuine has solid back how come all replicas are display back. The dealers should prefer their products to be as closed to genuine as possible. Solid case back is easier to make and cost should be lower than display back, right?
  5. lm4bp

    PAM 288 Case Back

    I have been looking for a PAM 288 for some time (actually over a week), but everyone showing up on web has the display back. The genuine should have a solid back as I presume. Could someone help me on that, or I am just wrong about it??
  6. Dear all, have a good day. I am now looking for the Panerai Arktos 092 or 186 watch (which one is better?, 186 got GMT). I come across different prices on the web. Around $350 from Chinese sellers using Asian movement, and $550 from US sellers using Swiss ETA movement (they claim). You think quality worths the difference? I don't mind to pay that amount but what concerns me is whether it is really a genuine Swiss ETA movement. Any experience from others here? May I know? Or anyone knows reputatable seller selling genuine Swiss ETA movement Panerai replica please?