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  1. A possible remedy for secs at 6 7750s?

    Going to try this, Thanks freddy
  2. 6239 Water Resist Question

    NOT WP! It's a Daytona NOT a SUB.
  3. phantom daytona

    I was looking last night on all my sites, couldn't find it but I know someone has it...
  4. phantom daytona

  5. Puretime is nice: http://puretime.co/product/pre-order-explorer-ii-42mm-216570-11-noob-best-edition-black-dial/ I got my white from Toro which was a very smooth deal: http://www.torobravos2013.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_144&product_id=711
  6. 116515

    Perfect Clones said no go.
  7. Pro Hunter Daytona

    http://puretime.co/product/pro-hunter-matt-daytona-mk1-black-stick/ Close but not perfect...
  8. Gen dial to GMT IIc

    Mymanmatt email addy?
  9. 116515

    I need a nice bezel for a Chocolate Brown Daytona like in the pic below. Puretime said they don't sell it. Anyone know where I can source a good rep?
  10. Who's got the best (franken) sub? Lets See em'

    OK I lied. We love your stuff UBI!
  11. TC DWO V3

    Maybe something was off but I reset the hands to 12 and everything is fine now.
  12. TC DWO V3

    So I guess the two of your are half glass empty type.
  13. Who's got the best (franken) sub? Lets See em'

    Ubi you're such a show off!!! No one likes a show off.