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  1. SD PreV dial interest

    hi sd, i was originally on the list, 47 and 48 i believe for 201a and 202a non matching but unfortunately never got any payment instructions... am i still in your count?
  2. SD PreV dial interest

    hi steph, im number 51 and 52, would like to update my order to 201 a 2dials one matching and one none matching and 202a 2dials one matching and one non matching. thanks!
  3. SD PreV dial interest

    hi steph, wow, excellent work... id take one(1) 201a non-matching and one (1) 202a if u decide to pursue. thanks!
  4. AP ROO RoseGold Rubberclad

    nice... been tempted to get these... just worried on how long the rg plating will last...
  5. MBW Sec @ 9 still available

    there was one up for sale a few months back in this forum... nice price also... 300eu i think if i remember correctly...
  6. Who's the best price on 177L?

    does tony also send qc pics?
  7. bro, tried sending you pm but i think your inbox is full...

    just checking, can you do the ff mods on my ap roo?

    a.shave caseback

    b.lower the crown

    how much will this cost and what is the waiting time?

    cheers, love your work by the way!

  8. Finish the WallClock~!

    simply amazing...
  9. WallClock Making..+_+

    damn! that's awesome!
  10. hi, can i get in? dial, hands and case set pls...
  11. New home for my PAM collection

    so he did eventually sell ey? awesome collection and nice home...
  12. Just another Build!

    hahaha... yep... made its way to good ole singapore!
  13. Just another Build!

    ey w0lf, that's the dial i got from you w/c you sent off to The Zigmeister!
  14. Just another Build!

    cant wait til the fgd hands arrive.. it will truly set this off... although, its already amazing as it is... nice job on the dial!
  15. Just another Build!

    simply amazing bro... damn. hahaha!