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  1. Wheaton26 gave a good suggestion for an all black watch like the B&R Phantom or the Sinn U black. I wish they had a rep of either one of those watches. Any other suggetions- looking for the same look.
  2. spoke to Trevor and just a miss understanding..... I will post a review once I get the watches in and if all is well Im sure Ill be making many other purchases from him.
  3. Has anyone else heard from Trevor. I ordered a few wawtches from him at the end of the month last month and he said we would have them shipped by July 5th, but have not heard from him. He will not respond to emails. Hoping someone else has heard from him and hasn't had the same issue.
  4. Fish all the way!!, but AeroMike where would you get a swiss fish. All the dealer I have recently contacted say they are out of stock and cannot get them anytime soon. I am looking for one too. Let me knwo if you have a Dealer with thim available.
  5. jerms81

    UN MMD

    I would be interested. Please post pictures and how much are you wanting?
  6. So if I purchased one with white numbers and hands who would be the best person to modify it and make it black numbers and lume? thanks in advance
  7. I am looking for a Rep Bell & Ross BR03-92 Phantom- 42mm. I have looked everywhere and can not find a good one. Anyone have any idea or information where I can get one. The ones I have found Were PVD bit the Numbers on the dial were grey not dark enought to pull off the look of the real phantom. Thanks.
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