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  1. ralphoi

    The government took over my TV

    Really??? Can they do that?? For how long ?
  2. Had the same problem with my TC Sub. Bloody PITA to click the final part of the insert. Align the insert, and then trace it from 12:00 round both sides with your thumbs till you get to that stubborn 6:00 mark that wont click in or fit. Use a plastic item padded with a napkin to press the last part in. This guide helped http://www.vikbobil.se/bezel.html
  3. ralphoi

    What do you think? QC Datejust IWC

    Thanks folks. Much appreciated
  4. ralphoi

    What do you think? QC Datejust IWC

    Yep. The straps go off immediately it lands. Loll Ive asked for pics showing the date !
  5. I'm ordering these and just got these QC pics. Any experts please chime in any noticeable defects? Thanks folks! Thanks !!
  6. ralphoi

    Franken DateJust 16200

    Superb. Thanks guys & Tom, you spelt it out quite clearly! I obviously need to do a bit more reading, before I start collecting parts...
  7. ralphoi

    Franken DateJust 16200

    Thx genzo, mymanmatt @ mymanmatt, that clears it up. Thx. So will clarks lumed hands will fit the rep DJ with 2836mvt?? They cant, since they're exact copies of gen hands. If they're exact copies of gen hands, Im better of taking your advice and getting clark's hands and an A3135mvt? Also will Clarks acrylic xtal fit the rep DJ? Or I'll need a "proper aftermarket case". Assuming aftrmrktcase means a normal TD rep case.
  8. ralphoi

    Franken DateJust 16200

    Folks, appreciate some advice with my first evr build - 16200. So I have a gen jubilee dial (28mm) with Gen lumed hands (3135). Question is, will the gen (3135) hands fit the ETA 2836-2mvt that comes with most rep DJ? Or do I need the A3135 to use the gen hands?? I also have the option of gen hands for a 3035mvt. Also, while searching the TDs for a rep DJ to surrogate the build, there's 36 and 38mm DJs and both are classed as Mens!! Which size rep fits the 28mm dial? Anyone has links to the correct one on andrews site or any TD's site?? http://www.trustytime.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=1_12 Lastly, are the reps gen constrctuion? Will the Clark's acrylic crystal fir a rep dial or do I need to start shopping for a gen caseset! Appreciate any feedback!
  9. ralphoi

    any decent modders in the uk

    Smidsy in london. Uwe and Domi in Germany (I think)
  10. ralphoi

    Eta 2678 in a 3135 case?

    Hey genzo. How abt the Asian 3135. I'm doing exactly wht you are. I have some gen dj jubilee dials and collecting parts for 16200/16220 Btw where did you get your gen 16200 cases???!
  11. ralphoi

    any decent modders in the uk

    And what was the answer? Pray share
  12. ralphoi

    GEN Rolex GMT Master II ceramic vs noob rep

    Thanks! Great review dude!
  13. ralphoi

    My BK GMT II got relumed

    Hey, yea does BK still sell these?