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  1. Thanks guys for the info...Im looking around for modders to possibly look at it.
  2. Well to be fair no I never had it serviced which is my fault but partly because the few watch shops I did asked refused to work on reps. As for the movement its Swiss Eta 2836-2 and ya the crystal just fell out one day and I got it to sit back in but probably not as secure as it should, also when setting the time the pin came straight out of the body which now takes some fiddling to get it back in to adjust the date and time. All this and not to mention the little triangle point at the 12' Oclock marker fell of as well!!! Anyhow it was the higher end sub from Josh and worked well all until the final days when it was everything just at once. I was just curious if anyone else thinks 2 years or so for a rep worn everyday is a common thing.
  3. Just curious if you wear a rep everyday how long on average yours have lasted? I have one of the better subs but its falling apart now after 2 years...movement is stopping...lense fell out...but I wear it constantly. 2 years about average?
  4. Holy Crap UBI thanks man that is sweet looking dude...thanks for the reply man...I am ordering that now!
  5. Looking for a new sub, I have one from Josh a couple years old and its fine but I want something better. So can anyone tell me what is the best sub rep you can buy at the moment and from which vendor has the better version. Also do any of the Sub Reps LUME bright without having to mod them? Thanks!
  6. ahh ok thanks guys great tips this is a no go then and I will certainly look for those things in my search!
  7. Just wondering if there is a way one of you could tell me if this sub dial is authentic from the pics? A guy says he doesn't know if it is but is selling it? So I dont know what to pay for it without knowing...any way too?
  8. Thanks guys I will keep looking around and see what I can find...I just thought there may have been a parts site with everything you may need I could go too or something.
  9. I have been searching forever on ebay and on some of the reputable sellers on RWG but the 12 o'clock triangle on my dial fell off....soooo I used one of the guides and went and tried to fix it. All went well but when I used some crazy glue on the little triangle piece some oozed out the edge of it and hardened in like 3 seconds so I tried to graciously scrape the excess off and as you prob guessed it scratched the dial. I tried to "black" the scratch line back in with a sharpie marker but its noticeable and it really is bugging me. Sooo....what are my options? What would work I wonder to fix the scratch?? Can I get a dial somewhere that isn't 400 bucks? Thanks a million fellas!
  10. I think I may be in the same boat as you chief...looks like 25-28 at most. Booo.
  11. Ya I guess I just can't hear it after like 50+ turns that's all, but I think it must be fully wound now.
  12. How do you know when an eta-2836-2 is fully wound though? I read The Zigmeisters info on the maintenance of the autos and know you cannot "overwind" the watch do to the clutch mech but I still am not sure how to tell when I should stop winding it? What does is sound like when its fully wound?
  13. Thanks man very helpful, and I am finding some other posts now actually with this info.
  14. OK maybe I missed something then? The automatic can be wound? I thought just wearing it was the only way it could be wound. So just undo the crown and wind towards the 12 like any watch and it will stop on its own when it is fully wound? Sorry I should perhaps have known this but may have been confused.
  15. hmm well I was wearing it off and on for a couple days prior so maybe it just was not wound well from the infrequent use, is that possible? It is Joshs Classic I have by the way as well. I am going to leave it and let it sit to see when it stops, but in the meantime if anyone can offer some additional info that would be great too.
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