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  1. Picked up this little beauty back in November
  2. Here’s my late fathers gen Old Navi II, originally on a stainless/gold pilot strap, now on leather. I treasure this more than any other possession.
  3. Thanks for your opinion all, really appreciate it.
  4. Hi all. First time in the Breitling arena in the hope I might get some help. I have just acquired a gen 1995 Old Navitimer, through very sad circumstances. It hasn't been serviced in about 10yrs and feel it's well worth having a full service/refurbishment so intend shipping it to Breitling UK (pricey, ouch!). Upon close inspection I've noticed a small scratch in the crystal but more strangely, the dial is looking rather poor on most edges. Has anyone seen this on gens before? Also, before I send it, any ideas on the cost to replace either item? Adding to that, some say keeping watches original
  5. So the research continues (still yet to contact TC by the way). I found a thread about subs... It suggests the BP Classic Sea Dweller as a great alternative. I'm struggling to identify it on Josh's site but Andrew has them. Does anyone have any recent experience?
  6. Hmm, I'm going to have to look into the TC option some more. I can't see a web link in his section within trusted dealers, is it just a matter of emailing him and then he gives you a breakdown of available options? It appears that way from his post?
  7. Yeah it will serve me right! My last two have been from Josh and been brilliant (apart from the missfortune of a dodgy movement), I couldn't resist the lure of something so inexpensive! It's seems just under $300 is where good 16610 reps start?... http://www.pf-818.com/watches/rolex/submariner/classic-ranges/rlss00031a-16610-black-ss-sub-asian-2824-3135.html I will have to inspect photos closely, as much as these allow anyway!
  8. I know TC's are something special but, it's more than I want to spend. I know I'll get itchy feet in another several months and start looking for something else, one of these would hit the watch fund a bit too hard! I've found a couple of contenders that Josh has, but I don't know which factory or version they are, to then look them up on here. I suppose I could always contact Josh?
  9. Crikey, these subs are a minefield! Guesing a good rep will correct most of these flaws in one fowl swoop? Model choice wise I wouldnt go down the vintage route (despite the appeal), but would consider something current or a 16610 dependant on what offers best value in terms of the quality of the rep/movement and over all accuracy. It seems different factories produce better reps dependant on which version you look at, and that there isn't a consistent winner throughout the years? It appears the rabbit hole leads to a warren full of twists and turns... more so compared to the 42m
  10. All interesting. I bought it on a whim, it was so cheap it doesn't bother me. I was aware of the etching being to heavy but I was blissfully unaware of the other facts. It's inspiration to go on the hunt for something more accurate now... Much research will entail! Any pointers anyone?
  11. Hi all. Not at all familiar with the sub reps (despite my old profile pic!), I normally loom in the omega section. So, almost 2yrs ago a client gave me a sub rep complete with a box, but sadly it was stolen. Big shame is it appeared to be great quality and kept great time, only gaining 8sec a week. Since I've bought one or two more watches (another omega rep and a gen Tissot), but it seemed a shame to have an empty box and nothing to fill it! I took a punt on this but have no idea which factory or version it might be... Any ideas? I'm sure it has a cheep movement, and you can hear the rotor sw
  12. I've had a look around and it appears cousins sell the TY2130. I read an article that suggests it's the same as the ST2130? Assuming that's correct I agree in the fact it will be a simple swap, all being the black date wheel will swap easily enough? Once done it will also leave me with a movement to practice working on!
  13. That's useful, I wasn't sure if parts were available. Certainly something to research however, the watchsmith now doing the job (a good one this time!) says the cost to strip the movement to repair it could week outweigh the cost to replace. I'm not so bothered about the movements esthetic element so if I do have to replace a Miyota would be fine. It's more knowing which movements will fit using the existing hands and dial... If anyone can help?
  14. Ok so, after a previous lengthy post and a lot of very helpful guidance, my 42 PO now proudly wears a genuine tube and crown. This was done not only as an uograde, but also because of a suspect stem/crown fault, sadly only four months after pruchase. Upon its return to the watchsmith to have the movement re-installed, they encountered problems. We agreed to call it a day and so I took it to my first choice watch man (previously too busy to undertake the work), and he has told me the bolt for the set leaver is faulty. The so called Swiss ETA is a clone but I'm unsure exactly which one. Unless a
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