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  1. CFO

    14.11.2013 Wristorama

    Enviado desde mi Nexus 4 mediante Tapatalk
  2. CFO

    No date Sub ¿noob or bp?

    Thanks buddies Enviado desde mi Nexus 4 mediante Tapatalk
  3. Hi everyone I'm about to purchase a 114060 no date sub from an another forum's member. The point to clarify if it's from the bp factory (the seller says so) or a noob. I'm not completely sure Enviado desde mi Nexus 4 mediante Tapatalk
  4. CFO

    SOSF V2(?) Asian Clone has arrived!

    I had mine last week and compared it with the swiss version bought by a friend of mine a few weeks ago I think date fonts are different between these 2 movements
  5. CFO

    Skyland Avenger V3 QC pics

    I'd say it's acceptable
  6. CFO

    QC Top Gun 3789 V3 please help

    Pretty good looking Even lume pads on 12, 3, 6 and 9 markers Please take a lume shot when you receive it, I'm very interested If lume is good, the best mod would be a good double AR treatment Too much reflect in the last picture
  7. CFO

    Hello from ITALY

    Ciao PLOPROFMANIA Benvenuto a rwgforum Anch'io sono nuovo qui, ma certamente ti piacerà
  8. CFO

    Just another newbie

    Thanks everybody for this warm welcome I'll take good note of your tips At this moment I don't have any rep on my collection, just a couple of Jackson tse's Marina Militare and waiting for a TH Aquaracer 500m I'm interested in several PAM models, rolex (specially vintage models), hublot big bang, etc. Just the usual suspects I'll open my range here, I hope...
  9. CFO

    buying straps is a science?

    It's just about taste When you wear a pam almost the most important thing is the strap IMHO
  10. CFO

    buying straps is a science?

    Cool Cheesy style Wearing that you can fancy girls about your job
  11. A couple of days ago a found a friend wearing a "Tag Heuer Carrera" with automatic movement but non working chronos. I thought it was the worst replica ever, but watching all this stuff, looks like a 1:1
  12. Hi everybody I just wanted to say hello from the Canary Islands and start practising my rusted english I hope to improve my skills as soon as possible to learn enough about reps in order to buy proper pieces to enlarge my collection