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  1. "Dear Friends, please sign this petition ITS NEW> 4 SERBIAN ABANDONED ANIMALS! SIGN THE PETITION! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/417131394 The situation in Serbia is terrible, in all Serbian towns there are flayer services to the communal service, who are engaged in capturing and killing lost or stray dogs and cats, in collaboration with the veterinary service and breaking the law.They charge this terrible "service" 50 euros for each corpse ( per killed dogs or cats). This behavior is punishable under article 269. of the Criminal Code of Serbia with up to 3 years of imprisonment. We , The Society friends of Animals "Friend" and The Society for protect and welfare of animals"Arka" , collected the documents and material proofs confirming those criminal abuses and gave them to almost all local prosecutors in Serbia. There was no reply. In spite of all our efforts , in spite of thousands of letters sent to the responsible institutions on the local and republican levels, nothing changed: in Serbia , thousands of dogs and cats are killed on a regular basis,and that crime is even paid for with the money of tax payers. Slavica Mazak Beslic The Society friends of Animals Subotica, Serbia SIGN THE PETITION! http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/417131394 "
  2. hi, welcome, good to have you here
  3. @blanche......you're taking this very personally......why......i haven't issued any criticism of you PERSONALLY......all I've done is express my thoughts.....that you're young.....that you have little experience.....I haven't said that you are a 'terrorist' or that your country is a terrorist state......it's history is not much different from many other countries.....violence exists in all cultures.....it's just that most other cultures don't export it......which Islam and the culture it has bred....does......unjustifiably.
  4. Is this the way he welcomes newbies and potential clients.
  5. You like to quarrel, don't you You don't make any sense to me either, all conflicting. You say that you don't compare religions, not a religion is better than the other and then you quote from your friend. You say that Christians do not practice old religious rules and christians have modernized and adapted them but muslims cannot do it ? Why? If somebody asks me my religion I say I am a Muslim, but do I practice? No. Noone around me does. Because it is not possible, do all the christians go to church every sunday? No. Like this. I say I am a muslim because it becomes a part of your culture. It is up to you (christian and muslims) how to interpret religion. Once again not all muslims are islamist. You try to put me in a frame but you cannot and I never ever said that islamists are not causing trouble. You try to lead the conversation to some other things. Religious fanatics always cause troubles, here or there. All religions have bloody histories. And you always ask me about myself but you don't introduce yourself?
  6. I am not capable of making any sense? I'm sure there are people here who understand very well what you say and what I say and whose words are dogmatic and whose are not. You just understand what you wanna understand and drop the rest. With this fanaticsm, I think you would be suicide bomber if you would be islamist. or wouldn't let muslims enter rwg either, I guess.
  7. Yes, I found their link from a post of by-thor about omega replicas. They are not good ????
  8. You are of GREAT HELP. Thanx a lot and this watch looks awesome but I'm not sure I can do this on my own; I mean open the case etc. dismantling parts...
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