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  1. Nightwatch, thanks for the name. Toro, it's not one I'm familiar with has anyone got website or contact details? Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm in the 'liking it ' camp. Who's the supplier?
  3. Cheers Pete.Already going down the vintage route with Donerix and hopefully a Nightwatch special as soon as his load lightens ,I thought I'd just tart-up the daily beater a bit. Many thanks.
  4. Hi all,just suffered the all too common exploding crystal on my Pam 1950,and after an interminable wait for a replacement it arrives back with that awful blue AR sheen to it.So I'm thinking time to change to a tall plexi and while I'm at it change the exhibition back to a thick solid one.So,who to approach? DSN, Nightwatch? And the case backs,do they in general have a standardized thread? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
  5. Glorious piece! Did NW take care of sourcing all the parts or was that down to you? And the
  6. Beautiful watch! What seperates NW from most of the rest is the subtlety of his vintaging. Well envious!
  7. Eric,not wanting to start rumours,but you've made me a very happy man this morning! As a lefty would a destro be possible, an exact copy of yours would be perfection ,Gordon face et all.Is the movement yours or one of Davids and what is the average run time.Great price by the way,is that with or without strap? And finally,do you take PayPal or bank to bank transfer?


  8. Just happened across your big Egyptian,fantastic! What size DSN case is it, as I'm about to order his 52mm and would love to replicate what you've done. Seriously, it's preferable to Panerai's own current offering!

  9. Good looking watch and love the 'Rolex' movement! In case My man in Bangkok can't supply, have you got a name and what did you have to pay? Rodeoro
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