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  1. Ok i need your help guys! Most of you know i'm in to building TC sub with a lot of gen parts but i'm in a little bit dilema right now and could use some help! The original idea was to put the gen LN dial in my TC and change the dial to the LN one and make the watch LN. But now i understand that the dial will have to be modified to fit TC 2824 and in case i one day change my mind i will never be able to sell that dial agai! So my dilema right now is should i go for the Yuki 3135 and fit the gen dial, modify the one i have and use it with TC movement or source one more gen insert the LV one and use it for now and decide later what to do with the LN dial i have? Is Yuki movement the good one? I have a lot of money invested in gen parts so far and few houndreds dollars more wouldn't be a problem ( new LV insert maybe ) but i really don't know what to do! To make the long story short, if you have TC watch, gen LN black insert, gen LN standard dial, gen crystal, gen crown and the gen 93250 clasp what would you do???? Please i would like as many ideas as possible!!!!!! Moders are welcome to jump in as well
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