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  1. Cartier Santos or Hublot BB

    Is the Cartier of the same good (?) quality as the Santos 100 in the sticky? Haven't yet decided. But it's leaning against the Cartier if it's not too bad of a choice...
  2. Hey guys. I'm having second thoughts about my next purchase. I can't decide between a Cartier Santos 100 with RG bezel ( http://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=21_163&products_id=6917 ) or a Hublot Big Bang RG ( http://www.yourtrustytime.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=279_381&products_id=8344 ). I guess the Hublot is a better copy but can't find a review of the Cartier. Any inputs? Best regards, Creep
  3. Cartier Santos 100

    Is there RG versions of the watch available? The composite/rubber with RG are fantastic irl.
  4. Does the gen have engraved text or stickers with titanium, stainless and so on?
  5. New Hublot Evo

    Fantastic watch. Any obvious tells?
  6. Chronomat Evolution

    Hey, Sorry for starting a similar thread with such short notice. But I've fallen in love with bi-coloured BCE's. Found this one at WatchInternational for $283: It's said to be a V2 but had to check with you guys first. It sure looks awesome in the pics, but does anyone know how long it takes for the gold plating to fade? Given, of course, I use it normally. I'm choosing from either V2 Avenger Skyland or a Chronomat Evolution, if I go with the latter I guess it will come in bi-colour Seems the Avenger Skyland most often is a better replica though? Regards, C
  7. what suit is he wearing?

    Too hard to say. But you can't go too wrong with a suit
  8. Seems it's a mile higher than the gen glass?
  9. Ducati- how meny members have a ducati

    I'm definitely going to buy one. Some day Ducati Monster in graphite black...
  10. BCE V3?

    I'm guessing I sound like a real noob now, but what do you mean with cartel websites? The websites of the trusted sellers in this forum? I've mailed precious time but couldn't find a BCE with leather strap there. If the SS is any good I guess it will work just fine though. Regards, C
  11. BCE V3?

    Probably just another annoying noob question, but what the hell. Want to buy a BCE V3 with a leather strap. Have looked in the sales section but didn't find anyone selling it. I'm thinking about going with gold details, but if they fade after a few weeks it seems a bit stupid. Anyone who knows where to buy the best rep? Regards, C