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  1. Lol. Thank you guys for the great advice well today I got surprised with a brand-new Rolex submariner LV It definitely fits my personality and the craftsmanship is Amazing Thank you guys for the great help!!!!
  2. Hey guys I have a question I'm looking to buy a gen with a price point of no more then 10k ( engagement gift from her to me ) I have a few reps a Pam daylight and a Rolex mil-gauss. She is leaning with a sub but I'm not 100 % If you would pleas chime in this soul be great we can have a lil pros and cons action going on lol thanks
  3. Hey guys I'm looking for a really good date just I like the bigger one. I think it's 42. Also if you guys would be able to tell me more or less the TELLS on the date just that are most notable. Thanks
  4. Wow were can I get that it look hot!!! Btw is it a fantasy model?
  5. Hey I am looking at joshs website for gmt master ll and they have one for $338 but Im not a fan of the movement so I can change it for Swiss why is it still 338. Should I get the cheaper one. I have no idea witch one I should buy HELP NEEDED lol thank you guys
  6. In the pictures It did not look as bad as it is I guess the way he took the pic.
  7. yea thats what i was afraid of...lol oh well
  8. here are some pic of the watch tell what you guys think...also can anyone tell me the inside part were is says rolex rolex rolex is almost facing inward?
  9. hey would anyone know of a place where i can buy a oyster band replacement ? i found some on ebay but im not 100% thanks guys P.S i am very happy to have found this forum with all you nice people i feel i am learning so much....
  10. I hope there was nothing wrong with it lol it will be here tomorrow I thing it looks like like the gen. At the end of the daybit 16610lv
  11. Hey guys I just bought a project x 16610 from the sales section. I'll post pics as soon ad I get it
  12. Wow nice watch is that a rep or gen? I'm new to all this stuff lol but it looks great
  13. Hey guys thank you yea I'm thinking about this watch I really like it I just feel that the renhult is not 100% I never bought a sub before does it look ok for being a 16610.
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