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  1. Ok, I phone to München where they have one store in Germany. No samples, but they have Private Blend line in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml = 500EUR. Maybe first I will order samples fom Kron on Basenotes ? @Lobster: you think this guy from Basenotes is trusty, I will have real samples of this Private Blend ?
  2. Where I can order Tom Ford Private Blend, if I am located in EU ? I worry order from Ebay, any online shop or standard shop in DE /UK ? Standard I use mixt of this: 1. Hermes Terre D'Hermes EDP 2. Chanel - Allure Men EDT 3. Guerlain - L'Instant De Guerlain Pour Homme EDT 4. Guerlain - Guerlain Homme 5. Davidoff - Zino EDT 6. Davidoff - Silver Shadow Private EDT
  3. of course I don't think about K2222 camera, only about situation both looking trusty members and what I see that K2222 make a lot problems to members.
  4. Half year ago I seen post about who repost on gen forums rep pictures from RWG/RWI/Repgeek, members try to resolve who is this ... . I find post about K220 and SQL and have not so good feelings if I see thise RAW data from pictures ... they are taken from this same camera.
  5. I send him watch end of July, till today I don't have any answer from him. Two days ago I send PM to him any reply till today, PM to mod at Repgeek who write that he will send watches back and any answer too. He was sick or at prison?
  6. Now I think this same like pollux.cc, why ? My first order from Miss King was stolen on way from UK to Poland, she send new watches again but put it directly to shiping box w/o any hidding, parcel was inspected by polish customs and they ask me that I explain difference between my custom declaration and this 'two mechanical watches inside box' - I answer this is not my shipment sender must make mistake and please send it back. Still frozen 560USD. Because one of this waches was gift for my father I make quick second order to Miss King and order on 24 August payed CC' this time directly s
  7. This is my first replica order and first AP ROO watch, when I read posts here I worry that he will be to big but now when I try it I think that PAM253 will be bigger [but still any news about my order from Conie] I can't compare. J12 is free bonus to my order, I don't wear it but I must told is nice. Last weekend my AP RoseGold go on trip around EU he want look at Borussia Dortmund team and later he told me that he want make relax in Spain spa center. When he will back to home from this trip I will make new photo shooting or maybe same video ?
  8. If someone worry that he will have too much bling bling in this model, I have more bling bling on J12 : I think bezel screw to adjust only. Strap is very thin I must look at AD for OEM.
  9. What is the price original rubber strap ??
  10. @sempre: not only you die ) [feeling better?]
  11. Gratuluje wykonanych zdjec Moj w drodze gdzies na wyspach juz jest.
  12. Thx, everyone. I rejected PAM111M and waiting new QC I will post it when Mary send me new pictures.
  13. @Mickey Padge & drolson : Thx. I see this problem with crownguard on pictures. But may be this is only shadow ? Look at picture where watch is on timegrapher I don't see this slot case/crownguard. It is possible to ask seller to better regulated movement ? @other I put order to 'Kingwatch' [forum trusted dealer]
  14. Halo This is my first replica order. Can you look at this pictures and told me, is any problem with this two beauty's ? PAM 111M : PAM 253 : Thx.
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