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  1. Finally broke out the DSLR and took some more pics, enjoy
  2. I should have time tomorrow to take more pictures but I can tell you that the 'flat-ness' of the horse is all the picture, it is very 3D.
  3. The 4813 is a rep of a Miyota (Citizen) movement, what your hearing is commonly refered to as 'Miyota stutter' and it's totally normal for the movement. I have/had the same gen movement in two other gen watches and they both also make the noise as well. I suppose that it's an indication of a good rep if they manage to get even the annoyances correct Miyota Stutter
  4. Having never held a gen I can't say how it directly compares but it's very solid and high quality from what I'm able to see. The clasp seems 'finicky' if that's the right word, my Seiko SKX clasp seemed to work better in regards to the method of working, that I *have* to press the button to attach/remove the watch is odd I would have thought that I could just press harder and it would snap closed. That's not to say that this is a bad rep of the gen clasp, again I've never handled a gen so I can't say but it works and isn't going to fall off anytime soon. With respect to getting the bracelet or the strap, I always get the bracelet on first purchase and buy a/the strap later. It's usually cheaper when dealing with gens, doesn't seem to be the case with reps -- one price for either, but I assume that buying a gen bracelet is much more than the gen strap.
  5. Yes, I took out a half link and it fits perfectly for me. It uses pins not screws. Seems fine, is there something specific that I should look for? Date change works, I spun through all the days when setting it and I manually advanced it a full 24 hour cycle and it switched fine. Not sure you'll need to ask someone who takes these apart. From what I've heard if you were to swap to ETA you would need new hands but I can't confirm that.
  6. Placed my order on Dec. 17th, after many 'F5' hits to EMS and USPS (which you know makes it travel faster!) it arrived today. First impressions... It's heavy! Makes my old Seiko SKX diver feel light Watch was running when I got it, the movement hacks and sounds like it handwinds as well. I set the time to the Atomic clock so I'll see how well it keeps time but I'm really not a big accuracy freak so as long as it's not loosing minutes a day I wont care. Bracelet is tight to the case, not used to having to push the buttons to secure the bracelet as well as remove it but that's ok. I thought I had a clasp problem but I had extended the divers extension and put it back wrong so my momentary heart attack was averted Bezel rotates smoothly, 120 clicks I assume. Question, the He valve? It turns but I just screwed it down. I won't be diving with this watch (never took my open water dive so I never got certified, but anyway...) so I assume I should just leave it screwed down? I've never seen a gen outside of pics on the internet but I'll be damned if I could tell, if I had to say what would give this away in my eyes is that the second hand seems to curve upward at the tip towards the crystal -- this could simply be an optical illusion but for me that is the only thing that would give it away. On to the admittedly poor pics. These are from my P&S, the DSLR is tucked away for now and I'm a bit busy with a kitchen painting project. If there are any pics I can provide just ask.
  7. This thread (post just below this one) should tell you all you need to know.
  8. That's for the ETA movement, you can get a 25j asian clone for $50 or Josh is currently selling the UVPO with the DG4813 movement for $128+shipping
  9. From what I understand the DG4813 is a clone of the Miyota 8125? That in itself wouldn't be a bad upgrade either really. The Miyota is a very good movement on it's own, sure it's not swiss but given the prices were talking about here it almost becomes a game of how little can you spend and still have a great watch? I'm pretty excited, this is my first rep and I think I picked a winner.
  10. I also posted these in signumboy's thread, I got my QC pics today, here's a taste. This is $128 version with the DG4813 movement:
  11. Not to hijack signumboy's thread too much but I got my QC pics today, here's a taste. This is $128 version with the DG4813 movement:
  12. Yep, when I saw the price I didn't even hesitate. I just sold a moddem Seiko SKX at WUS so I had some funds burning a digital hole in the pocket
  13. Did some googling, the 4813 is a clone of the miyota (citizen) 8125 movement of which I have (and had) in at least 2 watches and it works fine so not a problem. I placed my order a little bit ago, can't wait.
  14. I'm looking at Joshua's site right now and the price seems to have dropped quite a bit, also it would seem that the movement is no longer listed as the 25j ETA or Asian clone, it's now listed as an Asian 4813 clone. The price is definitely right but is the movement significantly worse?
  15. From the horses mouth so to speak: So that clears it up then.
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