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  1. S3g0y

    IWC 3777 gen dial

    I'm interested too.
  2. S3g0y

    RWI site down ?

    Maybe here you will find some missing folks if those from rwi won't answer.
  3. S3g0y

    2Geek.net - Taka AR

    IWC 3777 crystals will be coated too in this run. Worth trying http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/sunnydales-ar-coating-161970.html
  4. S3g0y

    best AR coating

    If anyone is looking for the best colourless double AR for cheap check this thread on RWI http://www.replica-watch.info/vb/showthread.php/sunnydales-ar-coating-161970.html Only 5 slots left.
  5. S3g0y

    It's here! UVPO 42mm with DG4813 Mvmt

    Hi! I think I'm ready to let my orange PO go. If you are interested please PM me. EU only.
  6. Now, everyone who bought PAM318 brooklyn bridge rep just open your candy and see how f****** far from the gen you are. This is what you should experience: http://www.network54.com/Forum/353391/thread/1320595343/The+mysterious+PAM318 Interesting, isn't it?
  7. S3g0y

    QC pictures of the 005

    the watch is stunning i paid via paypal no quality issues so far the shipment took about a week (EMS) cheers
  8. I just received one from Tony.
  9. S3g0y

    QC pictures of the 005

    Fortunately I was right I just received my 005 and everything is fine with the s letter I was surprised (in a positive way mostly) with three things: - very good quality of the leather strap - silicone protector on a case - brushed crownguard - I never noticed it before on the photos so I was convinced that there will be polished CG when all the case is polished Anyway - this watch rocks!
  10. S3g0y

    QC pictures of the 005

    hmmm.... I believe it's just an angle of the light on the photo... I'll let you know when I receive it :-)
  11. S3g0y

    QC pictures of the 005

    Mine looks pretty the same Can't wait to put my hands on it
  12. S3g0y

    42mm Plant Ocean

    It seems that you have the earlier version of the dial. But I suppose that only the white numbers dials are updated so far. I'm not sure if it's possible to get the orange bezel version of PO with an updated logo at the moment.
  13. S3g0y

    42mm Plant Ocean

    The orange bezel version has also other dial (orange numbers). I also asked Tony about this version and the answer was the same.