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  1. Don't be rubbish... go for the chrono... superb out of the box, and IMO look so much nicer than the non-chronos. Have owned gens of both chrono and non-chrono. Now just own rep chrono and love it to bits.
  2. I've had similar problems with other TDs to be honest; you point out a potential problem spotted in the QC pics, they gloss over it and tell you they have checked the watch and it's actually fine. Watch turns up, and as you suspect, the problem is in fact there. Very frustrating... as OP said, why even bother sending QC pics if they are not prepared to change the watch for you. I understand some people are unreasonable, but when you are talking about high value reps then you want them to be as right as other peoples are. I understand they aren't going to be perfect, but when there is someth
  3. Have to agree with the non-nutcases here... put it to good use rather than having it lay around in the loft gathering dust. What's the point in it going to waste just for sentiment sake?
  4. I reckon your friend should punch you in the ovaries until you MTFU! LOL... just kidding. I'll spend my last penny on things I don't need... totally addicted to buying expensive or perceivably expensive things, in the quest for happiness. I'll never be happy with what I have though. Please help!
  5. Most of my friends and colleagues know nothing about watches, so probably know Rolex and that's about it. A colleague did comment on my SMP chrono the other week, he has a Rolex sub himself so has a little watch knowledge... he assumed mine was gen, which to be fair unless you know the obvious tells such as slightly poor bezel pearl etc., is not surprising. Think I'm at the age now (late 20s) where I can get away with an 'expensive' watch or two so people will likely assume gen. Think someone might twig at some point as my collection grows though!
  6. Is it the older style with all white writing on dial?
  7. May be worth speaking to Mary, she often gets parts like bracelets for people here
  8. I wouldn't personally worry if your first rep is a chrono... mine was and I've never looked back. At the end of the day any watch can become faulty. Just read up on rep movements and how to look after them and job's a goodun. Having said that, I'd personally go for the PO out of those two, but that's just personal preference.
  9. Guys, thanks for all the useful and constructive comments. I'm actually really happy with this watch now they've sorted out the happy feet. The pearl on the bezel is the thing that bothers me the most, but as some have said already - once you start modding a watch it must be hard to stop.... I guess it seems almost pointless having some parts that look spot on as they are gen, then other parts that are glaringly rep. 2nd biggest gripe is definitely the colour of the lume. In a way I'm surprised the rep factories still haven't got these things right - I mean people have been complaining abou
  10. Oh, and I like Hugo Boss "In Motion" by the way
  11. I couldn't actually be bothered to read any of the posts... just thought it sounded like the start of a joke fairly gay thread though
  12. Gents, I just bought an SMP 300 chrono off a fellow member here, and would like to know your thoughts on going Franken on it? It is the newer revision of the watch without happy feet logo: Biggest let down for me is the bezel pearl - if this was more accurate to gen I reckon this would be a properly accurate rep now that they've sorted out the logo. Other tells are: - Colour of the lume in daylight, its a touch green instead of white. - Subdial surrounds are not thick enough, and look a bit wrong. - Clasp engraving is not very deep like gen. - Polished sections of end links ar
  13. My new daily... bought from fellow member here:
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