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  1. srleadjb

    Noob question on parts

    Hi guys (and gals?) So I'm obviously new here. I've been on vacation for December and had nothing but time to play on this site. I've been diligently using the search function to educate myself on the Pam line-up and have already shot from the hip, ordering a Pam 288, and a 177L. I'm currently awaiting those. In my hast and true to my impulsive tendencies, I found a local dealer in my area. I bought a Pam 186 (Arkos) and a Pam 090 from him to ease the pain while awaiting my overseas purchases. Since I bought those last week, I've learned a lot and I now realize they are not the best reps. The Arkos for instance, looks ok but the bezel doesn't lock on N/S/E/W, instead on the in between notches??? Also, it has the Arkos dial but the North Pole case back (doh!) The Pam 090 looks ok too but has the date push button on the left side of the case at the 7 o-clock (doh again!) Lol, I had no idea what to even look for when I bought these........... Anyway, this site is awesome and I'm so excited to have found a new hobby. So, as the topic description says, I'm wondering if there is a resource somewhere or if someone can sum up quickly as to what parts are interchangeable among the Pam watches. I understand the basics, as far as case size differences and the different movements being used for different functions but if we are talking within the same model line-up and size, would most of the functions be interchangeable? For instance, if I want to use the two reps I bought as "parts" for a future project and since they are both Luminor (44mm,) would the two cases be the same? Case guards and case backs seem to be the same. What about the front glass (size wise) and bezels? I really have tried to answer all my own questions but I have not found anything that spells this out. Thanks for any knowledge you may share!
  2. srleadjb

    Any mod guys in the CONUS?

    Anyone know of a Pan mod guy in the CONUS? I've purchased my first 4 Pan's and want to look into getting some mods done but not really wanting to ship back overseas. Thanks!
  3. srleadjb

    Panerai straps question

    Thanks guys! I tried searching but since I've never owned a strap style watch, it wasn't very clear. Now it is! Thanks again....
  4. srleadjb

    Panerai straps question

    Hello all, New to the site and Panerai. I'm awaiting a Pam 288 and I want to get a few different straps for it. I'm also looking at a few other Panerai models and I'm trying to educate myself about the different sizes and buckles that come OEM. Also, I'm trying to figure out which sizes would work on different models or may be interchangeable. For instance, the Radiomir style seems to allow for different width straps. Lastly, are there any particular protocols for straps on certain models. I mean, I realize that this is a personal decision and depends on taste but historically I would imagine that you would not put certain straps on certain models just because it is too far from what is authentic. Or am I over complicating it? Thanks for any knowledge you may share!
  5. srleadjb

    New and addicted already!

    Kind of a funny story.......I've been a watch nut forever and have a handful of gens. My fiance' has been hinting at getting herself a watch, or actually me getting her one! On the way to NY a few weeks ago, she spied a Panerai 210 on a women in first class. She immediately feel in love with it. We did some shopping while in NY and we went and looked at a few gens, of which she begged me to get her the 210. I think its a bit big and masculine for her but she loves it, and wants it......I took her to Chinatown to look at some reps but it was not good stuff and she didn't like them. Lucky for me, it was a business trip for her so she did not have much time to press the issue. After getting back, I started my research and my convincing of her why it was better to start out with a rep then spend so much money on something that she doesn't really know she'll love. I've been pretty successful and she is now excited about getting her first nice watch, even a rep...... So she awaits a Panerai 210 and I await the much hyped Panerai 288. Of course, the list is long after that but we'll let those get us started.
  6. Hi all, Well, I have to say I'm already addicted.......I haven't got off this site for two weeks. Ordered my first two reps from Mary and now I'm patiently (NOT) waiting. I want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site and made it into such a huge source of information! Cheers!