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  1. I'll revive my old thread here from a couple years back... still wondering about this
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/544218876/the-golden-age-dive-watch-a-new-era-for-affordable
  3. Unfortunately not. Worth about €20 + shipping.
  4. I'm also more into sports watches. The Vacheron 6782, one of my favourite references, used this movement. I think it'd be nearly impossible to get parts though. However, there are plenty of Vacheron dials on eBay... I'd just build a completely custom piece with this movement and a VC dial.
  5. To all the modders around the world: I am working on designing my own watch, which is partially based on a sub mid case. I need to have a prototype put together ASAP, and the factory I'm working with is taking its time. Does any modder have a sub midcase that they can reshape for me, whether it be a 16610, 1680, 5512, or 5513? Even if it is from a canal street grade rep, it may be fine. The crown guards would need reshaping, the midcase would need to be thinned, and the lugs would need some reshaping a bit too. Who can offer some assistance with this? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! Good to know. And how do they slot in exactly? Do they sort of "clip" in?
  7. I'm looking to use a champagne date wheel for a project (a Seiko actually), and I was wondering if it's possible to take a date wheel for another watch, and modifying it to fit.
  8. I was in contact with him, letting him know it was full of aftermarket parts. The conversation was pretty civilized and I think he took it down himself.
  9. The dial sizes on subs has been 26-28mm in the various eras. I was wondering how big the dial opening is vs how much of the dial gets covered. Anyone measure?
  10. just checked the site and found my answer.. the seagull st-25.. i guess they just pulled off the rotor and put the nice plate over it
  11. anyone know what movement they used as a base for this? with the full balance bridge
  12. These are the measurements I'm looking for: Width of the individual lugs at key points Width of the crown and the gap between the crown and the case. And the diameter of the crown is 7mm I believe?
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