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  1. Hi Guys! I just wanted to share some of the works I did in leather... It's cow for the belt and the rough bookmark, ostrich and polished stingray with cow lining for the clean bookmark There is no strap here for the simple reason that I don't have an example of how it should fit in a Pamcase - maybe anyone got a scratched and no longer used case/springbars for me to work with ? Of course this would include a nice discount on a strap for you then...
  2. yeah i do want to, but is the model above from ptswiss v2 ? or where to get v2 shipped to europe/germany....?
  3. Thanks I'll try! I don't want to take over this thread (actually this one was the one that got me hooked cause of the stunning photos and the reeeeaally nice grey leather strap ) but is this the same model as this one ptswisswatch.com/breitling/breitling-avenger-skyland-chrono-ss-grey/product_info.php/cPath/28/products_id/85 ?
  4. Great Pics and a really nice strap you got there! May I ask which version (2/3) this one is and where to get it - only problem is shipping should be possible to Europe....? Thanks!
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