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  1. Luizin2004

    Noob Submariner Hulk v6s Sunburst effect

    Looks good!!!!
  2. Luizin2004

    When is this going to become a super rep?

    I think the main problem, is the open caseback.That really sucks!
  3. Would like to know if anyone have an idea when this watch going to become a super rep. I think it is very reppable, and this model is one of my favorite. The bezel is ceramic, if i'm not wrong, what makes it very reppable. And the dial looks not much different from the ROOS available. What you guys think?I think this one could be a sales winner like the diver, doesn't it? http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-463216125-audemars-piguet-royal-oak-off-shore-ceramica-lancamento-44mm-_JM
  4. Luizin2004

    Chronopassion QC Pics - What you guys think?

    Jumster is the watch more beautiful in person? How gen does it feel?
  5. Thank you for amazing pics mike! You made pull the trigger...Paid already! Will post pics when it arrives!
  6. Luizin2004

    What is "Service" a AP?

    And this new movement with updated jewel?Is more reliable?
  7. Luizin2004

    Chronopassion QC Pics - What you guys think?

    Toro assures the bezel is only dirty, no scratches at all... So i think is only dirty this marks on the bezel....
  8. Luizin2004

    Chronopassion QC Pics - What you guys think?

    In only 10 minutes he send me another watch QC Pics...NICE JOB TORO! I think looks better now...What you guys think on this one?
  9. I've asked TORO for change the watch. Didn't like the bezel screws at all!Think all of them are misaligned with the bezel. And it seems theres a scratch near number 1 on the bezel. Opinions please?
  10. Luizin2004

    BK DSSD or BK Ceramic Sub?

    Which one is more accurate? Does Anyone have pics of them?
  11. Luizin2004

    What is "Service" a AP?

    And if its possible that he can service my watch, what should i tell him to "service"?
  12. Hi guys.Ive seen many posts telling that you MUST service the AP when you buy it... I have a question...What services are done when you send the watch to be serviced? Does any good watchsmith have knowledge to do this services? I'm from Brasil, and i'm getting a little worried abou the @sec12 movement issues... I have a great watchsmith here in Brazil, who fixed my GMT master II swiss eta 2836 when it stops date and time...He changed some pieces, and the watch is running smooth and keeping perfect time! My question is...Do you guus think any good watchsmith can have the AP movement serviced? Or is it to difficulty that only watchsmiths with knowledge sbout this movement can do the job? Thanks for your time!