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  1. '79-'81 Tokai instruments exceeded the quality and feel on the US made Fender Instruments in the '80s. They became known as "law suit" instruments. I own a 1980 Tokai Jazz Bass. It cost me $350 on eBay It feels and sounds better than a Fender Custom Shop instrument. There are many guitars and basses from this era that are exceptional. It'll take some searching but, you can find some nice (and collectible) instruments.
  2. Wow! These photos are so inspiring. I hope my 1016 project will turn out as well.
  3. I bought the DJ from "indywatchguy" It's excellent!
  4. What is the best procedure for making my replica (Noob Factory "best") Explorer II's SS bracelet a little less sharp on the edges? -Thank you.
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