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  1. Same sentiment here...after many years I feel these 47mm watches are better to be used as bedside clocks... haven’t woken them in years and when I look at my Pam collection, nothing gets me excited anymore..
  2. Rep hands can be broached but don't expect them to stay solid for long, especially if you are using chrono; they start slipping and so don't reset properly as the quality of material (I assume it's brass) is not on part with gen iwc article . I paid $200 for my hen handset, far from reasonable but such as life and pricing nowadays
  3. Links will be good, kind of lazy to go and google things for you. Rest of the Qs are well covered in ale's guide, read up and pull the trigger;)
  4. Why buy exact same piece from a middle man if you can just as easily source from David Sen directly? David is easy to deal with, and while I won't buy any of his watches anymore due to low quality, I will be the first one to say he is a great and friendly dealer I work with, and will fix issues and supply spares without questions asked, as long as you understand what you are getting, that is. Just shoot him an email and I am sure he carries 024/025 that you can pick up from him.
  5. I've had 237, 088 and never ever had any issues with the movements, but in any case with most reps it is cheaper and easier to buy a new watch then bother fixing those Chinese movements, and most watchmakers wouldn't touch them with a stick, so why all the drama? You are spending $300ish on a fake, wear it while it runs and bin it when it dies, no stress;) most of these Chinese valjoux will run for a few years and some for a decade but you do get a lemon everynow and then, nature of the hobby...
  6. Go with 029, best auto rep for sure and quite a looker...some time ago they were selling with Swiss movements but fairly expensive, and since GMT module is still Chinese made, makes little sense to me to spend that kind of cash so just go with Asian clone and swap the movement is it craps, easy;)
  7. +1. A new thread with proper photos will be great!
  8. No disrespect..but two points: - that Rad has a closed caseback, so who cares if the movement is engraved or not? - if your watchmaker can't see that he has an Asian copy of Unitas when working on it, you need to find another watchmaker, and quick. If you ever try your luck and work on disassembly of Asian copy vs Swiss, and then try to put them both together, you will know what I mean. I am not watch smith by any degree of imagination, but I tinker enough with unitas movements to be able to tell the difference without any issue, unless it is swinese etc. As others said, just get a replacement movement for $50 or better still, get the whole new watch and keep this one for spares as with reps you will def need some sooner or later...this is still 800$ cheaper as compared to Panerai doing service on gen version of that watch.
  9. Happened to me with Noob 243 as well. Stem is too long and the CG does not have enough space for you to pull the stem out into time setting position, that's all. You will need to shorten the stem, very very carefully me it will be ok then.
  10. Pam 036 has a transparent case back , and unless you get the bridges it will be fairly obvious fake. I don't see the point of spending serious cash on Rolli dial and then have something as obvious as wrong movement. 082 is solid caseback, but the case was only done by DSN ( not sure if he still makes them through) and was quite a so-so quality, with poor engravings so also a no-go if you want to have a top quality project. So 201a it is;)
  11. Good news Rolli. Interesting that due to lack of any OP update, this thread is now becoming more focused on Rollis project:) I'd love to build both 082 and 036 but I am afraid it is almost impossible...there are no accurate cases for 082 (sans DNS but it is of low quality...) and 036 has a movement that can not be obtained or build off any existing models, so sadly it won't be something I am interested in. 201a will be on my list for sure...
  12. I am out. No comms, no updates, no proper photos of the offered product... Too much hassle for what it is, I know the guy tried to do his best but it seems like he is not up for the task and for 100$+ I'd rather wait for someone a bit more professional/capable of managing it to come along...
  13. Show the movement, that's your only ticket to knowing
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