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  1. ericb196

    Zenith Pilot Type 20 Extra Special

    Stainless steel is coming really soon !! There can be hope for the bronze version
  2. Wonderfull watch congrats to the owner and the "builder"
  3. ericb196

    Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (preview)

    wonderful pictures Really nice
  4. ericb196

    AP ROO DIVER V3 or JLC Navy Seals MC Diver?

    Both too, not the same watches at all. Both are fantastic and well done !!
  5. That will be a good time Hope I'll be able to get one (I'm only on the wait list...)
  6. ericb196


    That's an interesting one. It would be a serious improvement to add a color on the bezel numbers
  7. ericb196

    AP Diver slipping on the summer sandals

    That's a nice one
  8. It's a good question to know if it's North American parts that goes to China !?
  9. Hey Guys, I just saw that on puretime site we can have AP Grand Prix we Forged carbon parts or parts as stand alone parts... http://www.puretime.co/product/genuine-forged-carbon-parts-for-aproo-grand-prix/ http://www.puretime.co/product/royal-oak-offshore-ultimate-grand-prix-rose-gold-forged-carbon/ Interresting, no ?
  10. ericb196

    My 390 DLC from Hont

    That's a nice one, can you bring us some other pics ?
  11. ericb196

    PAM Velcro strap

    I have one I use on my Noob 243. I find it nice but I will only use it time to time... I'll try to post pics later
  12. ericb196

    Hublot lost crown

    I got one for my HBB V6 from puretime (broken stem problem !)
  13. ericb196

    Ap ROO pride of Argentina

    I heard somewhere that this could happened in the future....