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  1. 40232

    Bezel Remover

    Thanks, for the comments. I'll leave it alone.
  2. 40232

    Bezel Remover

    Has anyone ever used a bezel removing tool to remove the bezel on a NOOB mariner. I know the golden rule is never to remove a NOOB bezel, but I wonder if its a matter of the proper tool? Esslinger and Ofrei both sell a rubber tool for about $25.00
  3. 40232

    Best Gen Like Bezel

    Do you know the serial number for Sean's Case Set?
  4. 40232

    Best Gen Like Bezel

    So, I had a business dinner last night with some people I had never met before. I wore my orig. NOOB standard 16610. One of the gentlemen I met with was sporting a gen16610 that I could tell was gen from across the table. The thing that stood out the most about his gen watch, was the deep and sharp machining on the bezel. I became very self conscious of the rep on my wrist. Don't get me wrong, it looks pretty good and most people believe its gen. But, I did feel uncomfortable. So, let hear the votes for the best bezel, so I can feel good about the rep 16610 again.
  5. I would love to know, as I am sure everyone would, where you can get one of these and how much they are?
  6. 40232

    22 year old GMT Replica

    I have a submariner head of this vintage, PM me your address and I'll send it to you and maybe you can salvage the parts
  7. Has anybody built up a 1680 using the MBK 5513 as a base? I'm curios about the dial fit or if someone has pics, that would be cool too.
  8. I'd would be interested in a full write up with pics, if you were up for it.
  9. 40232

    Who else has something exciting incoming?

    I have a 1680 inbound as well. What mods are you going to do to it? I am looking for ideas and sources? I have heard of their ability to take gen parts, but I have done no modding as of yet. Have you run into any fit problems with the new MBW?
  10. 40232


    I have shot jewelry for catalogs back in the days of the film camera. Lighting is everything. A quick fix if you don't have equipment is to shoot it outside. Use something like an umbrella to put you work in even shade so the light will be uniform. You can even take small white and/or silver card stock to reflect into the shadow areas or create your own highlights. Don't forget the other suggestions(smaller aperture(bigger f-stop), tripod, cable release, lower ISO, macro focusing) You should also try lock up the mirror to help with vibration. Also, use the manual settings and just bracket until you find the right exposure
  11. 40232

    Yuki's Parts

    Does anyone know if Yuki's parts(cases, dials, etc) are spec'd to Gen?
  12. 40232

    Yachtmaster Dial Source

    I am looking for a source for a quality Rep Yachtmaster dial. I have an older MBW "poley" Yachtmaster where the "Yacht-master" inscription has faded to pink. So, its time to replace the dial. Any help would be appreciated.