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  1. In 2002 I was looking at buying myself a new Rolex for my 30th birthday. The Explorer 1 was about $2,700 and the 16610 sub was around $3,300. I talked myself out of the sub because it was "too big" and I didn't buy the Explorer because the night before I was going to go buy it I read a scathing review on Timezone. A respected watch expert reviewed the watch and movement and said at most it was worth $500. I passed and went on with my life. Turned out that the watch expert had been paid by another company to bash the Rolex and he wrote a false review. He apologized and was banned from Timezone. All of these years later and I still want both watches, but not at today's inflated prices. Something has to give. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  2. Wow. Interesting to see that difference between the crown guards up close like that. That's actually kind of shocking. I assume her 1680 case would have the same difference with dimensions then. How will you get the shape more accurate to the original? Do the Phong and MQ cases also come with dimensions that off, or is it because Ruby's isn't already reworked the way Phong and MQ do? My understanding from reading on all of the boards is that these all come from the same original supplier, but MQ and Phong cherry pick the ones they want first and then rework them. Ruby's aren't reworked and you just get it as it came, which is why there is a price difference.
  3. I looked it up and I believe it is 5.75mm tall and 28.5mm in diameter. Those are the dimensions for the 1560 but I think the 1570 is the same. I don't own one yet, so I am just tire kicking. 😁
  4. Would those Explorer cases accept a Rolex 1570 movement and gen Rolex dial? Just curious, as I try to figure out if it is possible to do some of the "mostly" all gen parts builds on my wish list.
  5. Mine is the old Puretime 1680 case and it has a funky plastic retainer ring. Actually, way back when MD2020 (remember him?) worked on my watch, he may have opted not to put the plastic retainer back on. I'll have to check. Does anyone know if these metal tension washers would even work with the Puretime case? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  6. Where did you source a tension washer? I have a red 1680 that never came with one, and my bezel has the same play as yours did.
  7. Thanks for the insights. That all makes perfect sense to me, and is why I am definitely going down that genuine 15xx and 3135 path. It's also why I am going to build a 5510 versus a 6538, so I can avoid the 1030 movement. I might ruffle some feathers if I end up doing what I am considering, but I am thinking of using either a 1560 or 1570. I know the vibration rates are different for both of those versus the 1530 that was used in the 5510, but those movements are much more readily available. I only found one 1530 during my last casual search, while I found several 1560 and 1570 movements, all fully serviced. I found a serviced 3035 the other day, and since it was $800 cheaper in price, it got me thinking about a ceramic no date build. Then I saw a few gen no date ceramics for sale on Chrono 24 for $6Kish. It made me realize that the only way to do a gen parts ceramic build and actually make it cost effective (when compared to the gen watch) would be to go with a 3135 movement and build a 116610.
  8. What would you guys say the total cost would be to get the most reliable option, replace all of the necessary parts with gen parts, and service it? Let's say a gen 3135 is around $2,800. I am not saying that's a fair price, just what I have noticed the other day for a freshly serviced 3135 from a dealer. Would the clone cost maybe $1,000 after all of that work and parts are replaced? Maybe more or less? I am just trying to get a handle on what is a better option for a full on franken build when you are using as many gen parts as humanly possible.
  9. Looks like a really nice pointed crown guard case. Is that literally fresh out of the box or did you have him do anything to it first? Just curious - did you contact Ruby also, or did you just go straight to MQ? Just curious to see how hers compares. Nice looking insert, too.
  10. I agree. What a great story about a gorgeous piece. After very careful consideration, I feel that I personally would benefit from using genuine movements in my treasured, gen parts franken builds. There are only 2-3 pieces on this list for me, and I would be short changing myself and defeating the purpose if I did not use as many gen parts as physically possible. The movement is part of that. For other pieces, which are more for fun, then I am absolutely willing to use ETA movements in those. They serve a different purpose.
  11. Just to confirm - you saved the ARF hands and are using them with your gen dial. I think I would go gen hands just to keep everything consistent. Are you using the ARF bracelet, too? Sounds like Angus from Puretime will sell the ARF case set for less than $200. You can buy the bracelet separately, too, otherwise I think a gen Rubber B would be pretty cool with this, and just pick up a clasp. In fact, I have a spare GMTIIc clasp and bracelet still wrapped in plastic, unworn from a TD warranty replacement. I might just use that clasp for it since I like the EZ Link adjustment better than the Glidelock. That's if I go ahead and take on this project! 😎
  12. Nobody would ever, EVER in a million years notice any difference on the wrist or in the hand. Even blown up to 500x in macro it's virtually identical! Nice dial!
  13. THANK YOU!! That's awesome. I'm getting closer to starting my grail 5510 project and I'm going to reach out to him about it. I'm also thinking about working with him for one of his 6542 builds and helping me upgrade and improve my red 1680. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  14. Is Yodog CONUS based? If you send him some or all of the parts will he work with them or does he source everything himself? Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
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