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  1. I asked Legend if there was anything special I should do when shipping to Singapore. He told me they are partial too cute chicken stickers. Well, it just so happens that my fiance had some even cuter baby chick stickers and a couple teddy bear stickers to boot. This thing is going to breeze by customs! Thanks Legend! Good laughs!
  2. Hey guys, I got this from a m2m sale on a different forum and need help with what type of movement is in this little guy. The previous own only knew that it was "Noob best edition 2014" and the original price was $378. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm terrible when it comes to identifying movements.
  3. Wow, just wow! What an impressive collection, it's a thing of beauty!
  4. Thanks Martijnp! Yes, it's a big one. I just listed it for sale on here for that reason. I've only worn around the house once so I could get a feel for it, but I just couldn't pull it off. I used to have an Omega CrPO 42mm as well, but it was stolen from my hotel room in WV while I was there for work. They did an investigation, but I know it was one of the housekeeping staff. It was one of my favorites too! The 300 co-axial made up for it though.
  5. This is my collection at this very moment. Some of these are from the a previous raffle that I was lucky enough to win. Thanks Mike on a bike btw. I also have couple cheapies I'm about to sell that didn't make it into the pics, but they will be gone soon. Omega Railmaster XXL Omega 300 Master Co-Axial IWC PIlot Chrono 3717 Vac Lumed IWC Portuguese Ardoise Rolex DSSD AP T3 Titanium Bell & Ross BR-126 Heritage w/ gen strap Tag Heuer Monaco Rose Gold Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Tudor Pelagos
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