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  1. Hi guys, 2/3 weeks ago i bought two straps from toro for the AP to try them out. The black one i got for Edgematic. This was the first time i put an aftermarket leather strap on it so it took me some time... With the second strap(it came with a later shipment) i managed to have it within 45min on the watch;). I also put on the last pics the Panerai strap i got earlier this year. The straps nicely fit to the case and they are very fine quality. (sorry for the crappy pics but i only have my iPhone here) http://imgur.com/a/TgmXd I am happy, it is great for the money!! BTW: i also put in one pic the REP 57th strap next to it... It is much thinner.
  2. It is finally there (200pcs ltd edition): http://www.pureti.me...-edition-a2824/
  3. Those parts wont sel that quick nowadays and if so there is no guarentee they will sell all. Someone will show up and take it!
  4. Damn.. Where did you get it at what price? If you decide to sell, i perhaps want to take it from you!
  5. BTW he also has FB: https://www.facebook...ndhoven?fref=ts (not smart to add him on FB as that is visible:)) But as stated above at hooky i would stick with a TD that offers reshipments:) @Hooky, his name is not sander in real life:)!
  6. @ Dutchy, you can always order with Toro. I had the simular thing with customs. Since i started to use reshipments in the EU(free traffic of persons & goods thanks to Shengen) i don't have any problems anymore because they don't check that! (Also something Alberto Stegeman discovered in Undercover in NL but then with weapons and not watches:)) BTW, i have been there too and i am also a bit curious of where he gets his watches... He gets them also cheaper then we can:) (he btw also told me he uses reshipments) Does he still drive his VW Golf VI GTD?
  7. So my conclusion will be asian. Thanks guys, you conviced me!
  8. Yeah i was thinking the same. but if the asian is good then i am saving 180$ and then i could have it serviced afterwards...
  9. Hi Guys, I am going to buy 2 divers(1 for me and 1 for a friend) and now i am thinking about what movt i should buy. Normally i should go with swiss but since i heard good things about the asian's i am a bit confused... It would save me 180$... Since the V3 is a good copy of the real diver i think the asian movt also should be a good copy... What to do...?? Let me know what you think!
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