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  1. 6r360r10

    My new Cartel 5512

    Thx friend
  2. 6r360r10

    My new Cartel 5512

    Hi friend, could you help me? where can I get this case?? and the others parts?? Thx very much
  3. This site and his people is wonderful!! Thx friends
  4. Ok, I' ll do it Thx and regards
  5. Sorry, Google translate is Almost as bad as Me I meant that my bezel does not bring it gasket Nor does it bring it on my Rep Rolex
  6. Not my bezel Gen, not the Rollie Rep
  7. I know, but to know which gasket I need, I also need to know for what crystal, right ?? Thanks for your patience
  8. I need crystal, gasket or both?? Sure that is the solution?? Regards
  9. What type of gasket I need?? What type of crystal comes on a Sub C Thx thx thx very much my friend, thx for Your time and thx for Enrich the community Best regards
  10. I have bezel and insert Gen 116610/114060 My Rolex Rep is Noob v4 Regards
  11. what should I do?? I would appreciate your help very much, since it has taken me a lot of work to find it and I am a little disappointed not to be able to put it. Best regards