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  1. Hi friend, could you help me? where can I get this case?? and the others parts?? Thx very much
  2. Sorry, Google translate is Almost as bad as Me I meant that my bezel does not bring it gasket Nor does it bring it on my Rep Rolex
  3. I know, but to know which gasket I need, I also need to know for what crystal, right ?? Thanks for your patience
  4. I need crystal, gasket or both?? Sure that is the solution?? Regards
  5. What type of gasket I need?? What type of crystal comes on a Sub C Thx thx thx very much my friend, thx for Your time and thx for Enrich the community Best regards
  6. I have bezel and insert Gen 116610/114060 My Rolex Rep is Noob v4 Regards
  7. what should I do?? I would appreciate your help very much, since it has taken me a lot of work to find it and I am a little disappointed not to be able to put it. Best regards
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