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  1. Hey Breitling folks, I recently purchased this used Superocean A17360 queen of the seas I can't for the life of me figure if it's a rep or not. I'm headed to the boutique on Wed. Thanks for your expertise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Threw mine in a nato and tooled around Boston today.
  3. Or it's the IMO pinnacle of Rolex design. Clean, simple and understated.
  4. Well it was pretty hot up here today in New England so I found myself with not much to do, other than change the band on my 5512 hybrid, the oyster has been too heavy of late. Tried some NATO straps but was not feeling it, tried a leather band that also was not right either. later in the day I was going to give up and put the oyster back on, until I went shopping with my wife and picked up a timex band for $6, it is more of a Zulu band than a NATO figured I'd give it a whirl. It too was a let down, not aesthetically but functionally. You see I like the ease of the deployment of the oyster band but the lite weight of a NATO. So I took apart an old leather deployment band for the buckle and used the timex band to create this. Tell me what y'all think.
  5. Sometimes fantasies are good.
  6. I believe it's the Cartel 5512 from Trusty Time.
  7. I felt like my watch needed a little more aging so I bleached the bezel a little more to almost no difference, then I gave it some swipes with the Scotch Bright-- perfection. Before: And After: So now I have to do the crown guards and change the crown. Anyone know of a 'good modder who may have a steadier hand than I. For a nominal fee of course.
  8. Hey all, Finally got up the balls this morning to do some light vintaging on a 5513 that I got in another forum. Bare in mind that I have never experienced taking apart a watch until this morning, I did some reading over the past few weeks--RWI an invaluable resource to be sure. I have no real tools except a precision screw driver, And a cutting mat, a razor, Prismicolor dark brown marker, and Grady's cold brew coffee concentrate. I am very grateful that the watch still works. I worked mainly on just the bezel and the dial. Tell me what you guys thing for my first foray in to vintaging. Now some pics. Thanks.
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