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  1. If you click any of the TDs, you can see that they have something called "review section". Read few of them and it will give you the best idea about what to expect. Also have a look at how many members posted reviews in their section and when was the last purchase made. So if you are talking about 418 USD version displayed on their site, I do not think, it is that much cheaper from what you can buy from josh, silix, trusty, angus or toro. If you are talking about the 118 USD version .... huh...lol... my eyes.... lets say I love the completely wrong DWO with completely wrong font, size, dia
  2. - SuperOcean 44 is a super rep. - choose Asian 2824 movement and have it serviced (or Sellita if you want a better one and willing to pay 150 USD more) - all of the SO 44 are the same. choose any dealer you want (there is a dealers section on the first page). - before the purchase, contact the dealer and check if particular model is in stock. - there was gen / rep comparison over on RWI, but the link does not work anymore - there are many threads about Superocean 44 here on RWG. you may want to use "search" button on top right of this page. - no need to create multiple
  3. You are right about this one. I forgot to do my homework, so here is a little update to correct my previous statement. It is known, that no stamping on the first link is common for 93250 bracelets featured on modern models. TRF resources state that post 2007/2008 Subs do not have their 93250 bracelets stamped on the first link. Actually, this seems to be not true. I started my own research over the internet and I narrowed my search to 16610 and 16610LV Subs only, to find out since when they stopped stamping their 93250 bracelets on the first link and moved numbers on the inner side of SEL’
  4. Words "the right choice" get a whole new meaning after that pic Staying with mine
  5. Thank you guys for all the recommendations and nice words. You are all welcome
  6. wonderful patina. that one is a stunner for sure!
  7. Beautiful piece sputim. Welcome to the TC club brotha from anotha motha And wear it (out) well
  8. Dear fellow RWG members, Before I start, I would like to thank all of you who participated in this thread http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/162344-sick-of-tcs-subs and pushed me into purchasing TC Sub. You did a good job I finally placed my order at the end of the august 2013. After numerous considerations about which TC Sub to choose I decided to order classic 16610. At that time Thomas started a new thread on his blog about new KH dials, so my choice was clear. I asked him if he could build for me V5 16610 with KH dial. However he had no idea about turnaround time and said that the wait
  9. another great movement teardown review Rolexman! thanks for posting
  10. I like it But I like Twisted Sister version more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grwP8QvI1jY Merry Heavy Metal Christmas to everyone
  11. Same here. Ordered, paid, received tracking number 22nd November from Ken and EMS is not even showing it. I do not think you should worry. They have mess in processing their parcels. I think that it is reasonable to give it one another month of waiting and maybe then i should start worry :-D ho ho ho... Merry after Christmas :-D
  12. Just stay patient. I have obtained the tracking number from the dealer 22nd november and chinese EMS did not even started with tracking it (more than 3 weeks now). I still get "No tracking information for the shipment, or overdue tracking.". And the package may be in front of my door already. Patience is a key here.
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