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  1. Ok, Ubi, I have an A70, and I want to know how in the heck you get decent macro shots with it. I have messed with mine numerous times and my watch pics are all horrible!!
  2. Thanks to Kurt and RWG, I'm now in good shape. Much appreciated!
  3. So you already know everything I'm going to type, but I'll do it for other people who may not have been as exhaustive in their research as you. Since you've been doing heavy research, you know there are a few sources for these today. You know their forum ID's. You know how to contact them. And, you know that generally they won't sell to someone new to the boards without references from other established board members. You also know that these periodically come up for sale in the member trade section, so you'll be keeping your eyes open for an opportunity there. You've read the prominently posted and excellent reviews of MBW's, how to identify a real MBW, what is special about them, etc. So that kind of already answers your "no such thing as a real MBW" question. Finally, you also know that at least one prominent board member and more "mainstream" dealer has recently started sourcing these. I know you already know all this because you've done "heavy research," so you probably only posted your rhetorical question as a conversation starter. Hopefully this will clarify things for other new people who haven't done as much research as you. Best, Bob
  4. *tip* I spent almost 3 full days reading every thread of interest from the past year+ and making extensive use of the search function before I made my first post. You're at a point where you don't even know enough to ask the right questions. The short answer is that you probably cannot build a "perfect" rep for $1000, especially if you're expecting to pay for the labor for someone else to do all the work. Save another $200-500 and buy a used Rolex for $1200-1500. Or spend $200 on a modern rep, some elbow grease and get something you'll likely be happy wearing. Or be prepared to spend $2000 on gen parts and labor. Finally, if you want a "perfect" Rolex... drive down to your nearest Authorized dealer and write them a check for $5000 or so.
  5. Autosol is cheap and works well. http://www.performanceproducts.com/product...=Autosol+Polish Also works great for polishing scuffs and scratches out of acrylic crystals (like those on vintage Rolex).
  6. Unless you're going to put a gen movement in there, by the time the caseback is off, the gasket placement is the least of the "accuracy" issues you have to contend with. More important is whether it does it's job of sealing out water or not (and in most cases, it does). As Ubi mentioned, 99% of the Rolex rep cases in circulation are correct. The only ones that aren't are non-MBW/WM vintage reps. What's the beef?
  7. Topic says it all. The crystal retaining ring is there, but I'm missing the flat washer the goes between it and the bezel. This is for an MBW/WM 1665 case. I'll buy it, trade for it if I have something you need, graciously accept gifts. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I have decided to go with the ETA, and ordered it just a few minutes ago. I'm anxiously awaiting the date wheels that Ubi has mentioned. I also have a gen crystal, crown and tube on the way so the only remaining dilemma is the bracelet. I really kinda like the riveted rep bracelet it's on now, although it's really not as accurate for this watch. If I find a good deal on a vintage 9315, I'll probably go that route. I'm planning to stick with the MBW hand set unless someone has a reason not to. I can't seem to detect any difference between the rep and gen in this regard. Thanks again!
  9. I'm going to be posting a white, full ceramic, no diamonds with box+papers for sale as soon as I can get pictures taken (hopefully tonight). My wife ended up liking the Datejust I bought her better. Prefers the smaller watch.
  10. Pics at some point. But, so far I've finished aging the case and bezel insert, installed gen NOS bezel pearl, mostly done with CG's. Still debating about a gen 1570 or an ETA 2846. Gen is going to be close to $1200 after servicing vs. < $100 for ETA that no one will ever see (as I'm not trying to sell it as a gen). Waiting on a DRSD dial that is being refinished (has a SRSD dial now). Anyway, pics later as I mentioned, but just thought I'd share the fun I'm having with my MBW.
  11. I'll take a stab... Maybe there were dial variations that I'm not aware of, but I thought the 6538's with 1030 were labeled "OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED CHRONOMETER" and "SWISS" at 6 below the solid ring that connects the minute markers. The original bezel insert did not have minute graduations between 0 and 15 as this one. If the case isn't genuine, it certainly looks it to me. The minute hand is too short. It should extend just barely over the outer ring that connects the minute markers. EDIT: Almost forgot... the dial markers at 3, 6 and 9 should have the cross bars (at the short end) extend past the longer border edges. Think an "I" beam of steel. The markers on this one just look rectangular.
  12. OVRWB Overweb? Only Vintage Rolex Worth Buying? "1:1 replica Rolex case sized perfectly to house $500-$2500 of your money." TTTN Tool To Taunt Newbs?
  13. It is disappointing that Rolex reps are so sub-par compared to the latest Omega, TAG, etc reps. What's most frustrating is the lack of a reasonably priced 1:1 case and dial. Nearly everything else on the watch can be sourced without ridiculous effort and without obscene cost, but gen cases and dials are expensive. I'm really excited about the 1665 I'm working on, but I'll easily have $2000 into it by the time it is all done. I'm sure most of the other heavy modders/franken builders (ubi, cough) are spending similar amounts. Given the number of scam sellers that get $1000+ every day for $200 reps, I don't believe for a second that there isn't a market for a $1500 "perfect" rep (although, I think it could be done for much less than that). I don't claim to know the business and political dynamics within this industry in China, but I do wonder what it would take to buy, for example, a gen 16600, take it to a small rep factory, and have them do a complete 1:1 copy with a guaranteed initial order of say, 100 pieces at $400. The dealers could sell them for $750, and I bet they'd sell out in a month. Just rambling, I guess.
  14. It's actually worse than people not using them for deep diving. A HE release valve is worthless no matter how deep you go *in the water*. Its sole purpose is to vent Helium that gets into the case while spending time inside a diving bell or compression chamber filled with Trimix or some other gas mix containing Helium. No Helium gets into the case when diving in the water at any depth.
  15. cortopar

    Gen Or What?

    fitmic, that was a great spot on the 12 o'clock marker. So much for perfect gen QC.
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