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  1. Not a wristshot but it is what I'm wearing now and for the past months
  2. Been a while since I bought a rep but this new VSF was too good not to get
  3. Who says you can't wear a sub on leather
  4. OP, no offense but you're making the Belgians look bad. It does NOT cost 40€ to ship a watch and bracelet inside the EU from Belgium. Adjust your expectations and learn to work with the (great) solutions that are being offered. As others have mentioned, buying a rep is NOT like buying a watch in a store, and you will be disappointed from time to time. That's the nature of the hobby.
  5. Wow. If I had that sort of cash to spend I wouldn't bother with reps
  6. Haha. Don't be naïve, Mike. If that were true I'd be driving an Aston too after years of working 14 hours a day but all I have to show for it is a second hand hatchback. And yes, I excel what I do. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with "business" aka shaking some hands, knowing some people and taking some money left and right. And yes, I have a very sour vision of the "business" world.
  7. Because most of us do. Someone has to be the little man that the "business man" can profit from.
  8. Well I got a plastic calendar from my employer with new years eve, so I've got that going for me. Which is also nice, I guess.
  9. You're full of sh*t mate. What happened with the 21j reps and "eta po" that you were talking about then?
  10. How on earth will it be your first rep when you posted this 2 years ago: It blows my mind that you still don't know where to post a wanted thread after 3 years.
  11. Great business for the dealers, yeah. Look at the Sub V5. Five versions and it's still not correct. But each version sells tons to the same suckers. You think V6 will be correct? They'll just 'forget' something else then. Sorry, I'm in that certain mood of being fed up with reps at the moment.
  12. If you're so happy with your turkish [censored] then what are you asking here for? And ETA makes movements, it's not a quality standard.
  13. What? Too many buyer returns after selling on your cheap aliexpress [censored] for a profit?
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